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Walk The World

Walk the world….

The easiest way to fall in love with life is to get out into it!

Especially into nature 🙂

Walk not for exercise, but for JOY…

Run not to burn calories, but to ignite your inner flame by being in touch with the earth…

Start small…

Make it FUN and EASY….

The way I began my FIT LIFESTYLE was with “Just 5 minutes”…

As soon as I got home from school, pooped, unmotivated and wanting ONLY to crash out on the couch, I would tell myself, “Bridge, just go out for 5 minutes, and if you are still tired after 5 minutes, you can turn around and come home…”

It got me out the door and 99.99999% of the time, 20-30 minutes later I would remember my pact to myself, and think “I’m SO GLAD I got out!”

I would return home always with SO MUCH more energy for having gone! 🙂

It soon became a LOVE and something I made a priority in my day…. 20 years later I’m still LOVING it and walking everywhere I can 🙂

Very much looking forward to exploring San Francisco, Boulder and NEW YORK, NEW YORK by footsies very SOON 🙂 Wooooooo! 🙂

Try my “Just 5 minutes” trick and see what you can do 🙂

All my love,

Food Body Lifestyle Guru

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