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Ive seen this a few times before & it always cracks me up, but TRULY, liking yourself IS the first step on the path to all your truest, deepest desires and dreams…

Until you truly love and cherish who you are you will always feel a pressure, a void, an uneasiness, a drive to do more, be more, and it’ll never be enough….

When we can look at ourselves and say “I am enough”, when we can ground with deep calm, certainty and confidence into our being, when we can interact with life and others minus protection, defences and facades, THEN all we have ever wished for is GRANTED….

We stop the search, we stop the relentless pursuit….

We realise how magnificent life is, how endless the possibilities at our very fingertips are, and that everything has gone exactly as it should have 🙂

We finally receive the truth that right here and now is PERFECT 🙂

That we can relax and enjoy, and from that space, access the greatest amount of inspiration, energy and desire that we never imagined 🙂

This is a work in progress for me each and every day… As I know it is for many of you too 🙂

Years of childhood conditioning- when we were at our most receptive and susceptible to messages of who we were, how it is, and what is expected or idolised or “right”- can take many years, & ongoing awareness, to counter…. Or at least make peace with…

YOU are enough… I am enough…

In fact we are TOTS awesome!!


Have a sensational day guys!!

**if it is not obvious, I have ‘edited’ this piccy to remove an expletive ;p Whilst the f*** word can be fun and funny, I thought best to keep it “Family Friendly”…. If it makes it funnier for you, feel free to add it back in ;p hehe

All my love,


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