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Don't take it for granted

If you have the opportunity to have health & fitness, TAKE IT!

Many people I know, & people you know too I’m sure, don’t have the privilege of good health….

They suffer with a chronic illness for which there is no quick or easy, or AT ALL, fix….

These people would literally do ANYTHING for good health…..

A healthy appetite….

The chance to enjoy good food & invigorating movement….

If you have the chance to nourish your cells with energy & life giving nutrition, DO IT….

If you are able to get up, get out & get moving, DO IT

You don’t realise how precious the gift of health is till it’s taken away sometimes & you don’t appreciate the ability to move freely & challenge your body until you’ve experienced it-& perhaps lost the privilege….

So today, show your appreciation!!

Get up, move your body!

Nourish your cells!

Feed your mind positivity….

Give thanks for the ready, able body you DO have…

ENJOY the gift & honour it!

Stop wishing, waiting, THINKING….!

Just do it !

If you’re able, that’s all you need to know!

The rest is ACTION!

One step after another!

One healthy choice, followed by another!

Simple! Don’t make it a fuss! Don’t get flustered!

Keep it simple – follow a NO FUSS formula…

Use the feel-good-factor as your compass!

And lastly, LOVE YOUR BODY….

Sometimes REST is the most nourishing, loving and giving thing of all…

We are all at different places and stages of our journey….

Tune in to what your body and health need from you today…

Is it MORE action? LESS action? MORE greens? LESS greens?

You will definitely know the answer inside 🙂

Listen, trust, honour 🙂

You’ve go this!

All my love,


Health and Happiness Coach
Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Counsellor, Psychology of Eating Coach


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