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Exercise Nutrition Mindset

What’s the determining factor?

I see so many women (and men!) literally KILLING themselves to lose weight…

And most often they DONT succeed longterm…


Because they concentrate mostly on EXERCISE…

And in ALL TRUTH, just as Ive discussed in today Webisode, exercise can ONLY be MAXIMUM, 20% of the equation.

In study after study you’ll see that after 2 years & 5 years, EXERCISE accounts for ONLY a sustained loss of 2kg…. 2kg!!!

For blood, sweat, tears and so much effort!!

Now, many people say 80% of the game is NUTRITION….and whilst I agree that nutrition is MUCH more important than exercise, NOTHING is more important than MINDSET…

What’s really going on upstairs….

What is swirling around in the subconscious….?

What hurts are still being held onto? What STRESSES are driving Sympathetic dominance and thus pushing your hormones and metabolism against you?

What have we not let go of, forgiven or made peace with…?

What do we really believe about weight loss, health, ourselves???

THESE are where the make or break aspects of long term health & weight loss lie….!

I would say AT LEAST 60% of the equation comes down to this, & as we get older, it has more & more of an impact…. (We seem less able to hide from our demons…the truth etc)….

After, now over 8 weeks of NO EXERCISE, I have arguably the BEST physique and abs and body confidence I’ve EVER had….

I’ve sustained muscle mass and I feel that my body has found its true & natural shape and state…


How is that possible??!

Well…YEARS of Mindset & Subconscious work have brought me to this point… To a point of being VERY CLEAR about how I want to feed & treat my body & WHY…

I’ve confronted so many fears, surrendered to aspects of myself I did not want to see & gotten DEEPLY honest with myself….

I’ve learned how to be my own best friend- to have patience, compassion, understanding and forgiveness for myself….

I’ve learned how to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT myself, rather than relentlessly condemn and criticise myself….

I’ve learned to seek out mentors and teachers and groups that NOURISH and NURTURE me and help me along the path I wish to pursue, even though the REST of the world seems to be going another way….

I’ve literally questioned and challenged EVERY SINGLE belief and idea I’ve ever had and re-evaluated its place and effectiveness in my life….

I believe that BECAUSE of all this background work, I’ve been able to support my body with TIP TOP nutrition, minus the emotional eating, to get where I am today….

Happy, confident, comfortable in my own skin, NATURALLY, without fear or control or exercising my arse off!! And yes, whilst MY body may not be YOUR ideal, its THE WAY I WAS MADE, and Im totally ok with that 🙂 I quite like my uniqueness, and yes am enjoying it! 🙂

It’s MORE than possible for you TOO to get to this point…

To not feel TORTURED about FOOD, YOUR BODY, EXERCISE and health….

It’s a journey… It’s FULL of lessons….

But if your committed, it’s there for the taking xxo

Big love xxoo

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