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Decide you will

As I ran today something quite obvious, yet at the same time, sometimes SO elusive, occurred to me.

In order to have something that we want in our lives – be it money, stuff, fitness, health, happiness, love, etc- we must first DECIDE we WILL have it.

I was taught this concept what seems like SO many eons ago!

DECIDE. Make the decision.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’d heard it all before.

But today I GOT IT. Like BANG! Smack in the face!

You see, i’ve struggled for some time with an area of my life that I just can’t seem to get flowing. At times I do AMAZING, then others I CRASH n BUM OUT big time!!!

It is really frustrating. And, it is ultra shame-inducing! It makes me get really down on myself…

I am sure some of you can relate??

Well, today as I was thinking of connecting with you guys and the Words Of Wisdom I wanted to share, this idea flooded over me… And then the lightbulb moment came…!

Guys…. If we WANT something, we must first DECIDE we WILL have it!

That, sneakily enough though, involves having a certain level of love and respect for one self! It involves an element of saying YES to ourselves. Of making the SPACE to allow it in. Of saying NO to the things keeping it at bay. Of making a stand for this thing we want. Of getting savvy and learning who/what/how we need to be to make it happen.

Are you following me??

Unless YOU really BACK yourself and decided to DO/BE/HAVE whatever it is you really want, it will forever allude you.

(I’m listening here too guys!! Miss Bridget is seriously sitting up tall and hearing these words!)

Deciding means taking ACTION. It means NO excuses. It means COMMITTING.

To yourself. To your cause. To this THING you so desperately want.

And, my friend, you so definitely DESERVE it!!!

You most certainly SHOULD have exactly what it is you want during this lifetime that you grace the Earth.

Yet it remains, that unless you DECIDE, unless you back yourself, you won’t have it.

“If it is to be, it is up to me”

So with that I will leave you pondering this….

What exactly is stopping you from saying yes to yourself?

All my love,



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