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When the soul stirs

Sometimes nothing you can do or say can shift a feeling you have deep within your soul…

An ache, a pain, a longing….

You may want it to go away, yet it persists….bringing you sadness, helplessness & grief….

I have learned that sometimes the very best thing you can do is accept…. Sit with it…. Sit right within it….. Be silent…. Close your eyes…. Relax your mind…. Focusing on the sounds around you& just the in and out of your breathe…..


A saving grace of mine that I have talked about over & over…. The benefits to the brain, thus the mind & body are many….

Clarity…peace….. Contentment…. A calming within the storm….

Meditation is truly magical for real mind, body, soul health & happiness….

As much as I resist and avoid it, when there is nothing else, IT is there….& it never fails to do the trick….

I was never, ever a “meditator”… Sitting with my eyes closed for just 2 minutes was torture!

Yet a mentor at the time told me it was the single most important tool she used in changing her life…. So I was determined… Determined to practice, to learn, to find a way that worked for me….

And I have to agree…. It is hands down the most effective tool I’ve ever used to change my life….

When I do it consistently, my world flows….is full of grace, beauty& divinity….

Mindfulness is meditation’s cousin… Get to know it too ūüôā

All my love,

Dietitian ~ Counsellor ~ Psychology of Eating Coach

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  • Lori



    Bridget Jane,
    You continue to inspire me. I can’t say enough good things. I look forward to all your Instagram pics and tips and comments and I get SUPER excited when your newsletter comes out via email. Yes; I’m Lori. You know me as ljcp555 on Instagram and I need you to know how much I’ve learned from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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