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Swim in the Ocean of Possibility

The mind….

It can create beautiful visions of possibility, desire & hope…. & at the same time it can coax us into a realm of fear, panic & despair….

When we learn that, just like any other tool, the mind can be used in either a constructive or destructive way, we can begin to create habits & thought patterns that serve us, rather than sabotage us….

It doesn’t happen easily, or without effort….

It does take practice, patience& persistence…. But truly, there is a way out of the stuck, stagnant & eternally depleting state of sadness, fear &/or “wrongness”….

We must become out own best ally….

We must learn to support, encourage & trust ourselves….

And quite simply, we must NEVER give up….

There is, after all, a whole ocean of possibility waiting for us to open up to it ūüôā

All my love,

Dietitian ~ Counsellor ~ Psychology of Eating Coach

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