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Todays Words of Wisdom derive from somewhat of a personal space…

If you have not heard my story before, or WHY I am SO passionate about what I do, then this may just give you a little more background…. And hopefully, HOPE, INSPIRATION and a clue on HOW 🙂

That little girl at the top of the picture was me, YES 🙂

Overweight…unhappy…unfit….incredibly self-conscious….bullied…diagnosed with asthma…..

Through a long period of lifestyle change….gradual education… Trialling… Working out what works, what doesn’t…

Making new choices…. Overcoming challenges….using my creativity to continuously strive for what I knew I wanted…

I got there….! And here I’ve been for many, many years…

This is a way of life for me… Not a diet, not something that is hard to maintain or limiting on my life…

In fact, the opposite is true!! I feel free, endlessly energetic, confident, happy, ME…!

I’ve overcome depression, anxiety, body image issues, disordered eating patterns, PCOS….all naturally… No pills….Purely through lifestyle choices… (though I’m not saying everyone should/has to choose this path!)

I made the choice to understand my body… To learn how food, movement & mind affected it….

And to makes those changes accordingly…. Always with FUN… and LOTS of patience and persistence

And my message to you is, if I can do it ANYONE can!

I was not born sporty, fit or athletic. I am a book worm, geek & not one hair on my body is sporty!

I too loved donuts, sugar, pastries, bread, pizza, cheese…

Change does NOT happen overnight, nor should it.

Patience, practice, persistence are the only ways there!

And THIS is what I will be sharing with & teaching you in my soon to be launched Train with Me, Training for Life healthy lifestyle program.

With input from experts in their field, this educational experience is completely tailorable to YOUR lifestyle, & is designed to be sustainable for life! It will suit you, your family, anyone who is ready to apply creativity and FUN to the process of developing a healthy way of life for good!

No hunger, no deprivation, no counting calories, no inflexible meal plans…

No difficult or hard to maintain exercise programs….

We want you to take it slow, yet still see & feel big changes

You can be confident you will be receiving the most efficient, effective & intelligent advice there is available

Furthermore, this is a fundraising initiative, so you can feel good knowing that others are benefitting from your investment too.

I have been selected as an ambassador for the Heart Foundation to run the 2014 New York Marathon. This venture will raise much needed and worthwhile funds for an organisation that is INTEGRAL to the research, prevention and cure of heart disease. A leading cause of premature death here in Australia. Many of us know someone affected by heart disease. And for that reason alone, by supporting the Heart Foundation you are supporting those that you love & care for 🙂

If you are not interested in the program, however would like to support this cause, and my quest to inspire others to live happier, healthier lives (by leading by example and sharing every step of my training journey publicly), then you can contribute here, Everyday Hero

Thank you in advance for your kind and generous support 🙂

Back to the Train with Me, Training for Life program….I’ve already got lots of people in line waiting for launch. If you too want to be on my list to be notified as soon as it’s ready (any day/moment now!), email me on [email protected]

Together we CAN do this!!

Together 2014 can be your BEST year yet!

All my love,


Dietitian-Counsellor-Psychology of Eating Coach


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