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Today’s Words Of Wisdom came to me just this morning as I was LOVING my ritualistic bush jog through the National Park…

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I enter that place I feel AMAZING…

I could be anxious, depressed, forlorn, lost, disappointed, angry, frustrated, or just plain TIRED, and once I step into the park, it ALL MELTS AWAY….

I feel like I am transported to another place….Another land…. A space where I am nourished, nurtured, filled up and totally inspired….

All around me there is the lush loveliness of the trees, the sweet tweeting of the carefree birds, the lingering stillness and peace of the entire place that penetrates my being….

It is truly divine…

And having been back to Melbourne for Christmas to visit the family, I know more than ever just how much being in the park does for me… How much it means to me…. How much it FEEDS me….

And whilst I am very aware and careful to not “need” anything to “make me happy”, I have to say that the park is without a doubt an aspect of my life that makes me feel my very best.

And as I was contemplating and reflecting on all of this, it occurred to me that so often in life we really discount all the OTHER factors that can, and do, feed us….

Nourish us…

Nurture us….

And without awareness of what these things are we can become unhealthily dependent on ONE aspect of life to always fill us up/make us feel good/bring us happiness.

Yes, for many of us FOOD can be that ONE THING we rely upon… That ONE FACTOR that is always there…. That NEVER fails to deliver….

And this is where unhealthy addictions, over-eating, compulsive eating and a horrendous relationship with food can derive.

If we do not take the time to enquire and learn about OTHER sources of happiness, fulfilment, joy, peace, nourishment and LOVE, then we WILL forever be hungry… Fixated on food… Unable to step away from the fridge/pantry/cake/biscuits/etc etc!

I strongly encourage ALL my clients to learn self-sufficiency in relation to happiness and nourishment….

What I mean by that is looking to, and learning about, all the INNER sources of contentment we have access to at any time as these are NOT dependent on any outside person, thing, circumstance or situation AND are always within our reach and control.

These things are an SOS survival pack of sorts…. An ever-reliable “parachute” when all else fails…

Although the Park is for me much of an external source of nourishment, peace and happiness, I can access and activate the feelings it evokes simply by recalling and visualising myself being there…

When I was in Melbourne feeling very out of sorts, home sick and lost, I used my memories and experiences of being in the park as a way to soothe myself… To bring myself comfort and support…

I also took time to use my Kikki K Happiness journal (which I HIGHLY recommend!!) This was a lovely christmas gift from my very beautiful brother and his fiance 🙂 I used it a lot over a recent period of difficulty and it really reminded me of all I believe about life and happiness AND the truth of who I am 🙂

One other FAIL SAFE thing that brings me MUCH joy, nourishment and peace is STILLNESS…. SILENCE….

My meditation practice HAS slipped of late…. Yet, I know it’s there, ready and accessible for me anytime I need….

There is something so profoundly powerful about stillness, silence and nothingness…

It is incredible just how much it can FILL YOU UP till you are overflowing 🙂

Mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis are all essential practices for me on my journey called Life, and I am indebted to them for the difference they have made…

I strongly encourage all my clients, and all of you, to get acquainted with these very ingenious and life-changing tools 🙂

For now though I leave you with the thought of looking beyond FOOD for nourishment, and contemplating just how much of a difference it can make to your daily experience of life AND your relationship to food, your body, your weight, your health and your happiness 🙂

All my love,


Dietitian, Counsellor, Psychology of Eating Coach


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  • KB



    Never grow tied of being reminded there are no bad choices…..
    Your blogs, website, facebook and class interaction astounds me constantly with the inspiration and confidence you have encouraged me to personally find within myself to achieve the happiness and contentment within as well as on the outside….
    Love your work amazing never stop


    • bridget



      Ahhhhh thank you beauty! Cannot thank you enough for your feedback! I adore you and it’s been such a pleasure and blessing to get to know you 🙂 friends forever my love xxxooo


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