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As we go into a New Year may we reflect upon these words….

Simply being alive is a danger… Why not go full out? Live large!

Be ALL that you are… .Experience all there is to experience…

Follow your dreams, embrace your desires… Never allow yourself to think “What If…?”

This is your ONE chance… This is your ONE go at it….

Don’t waste any opportunities and do not leave any part of yourself unexplored, unexpressed or unfulfilled…

This is something I decided many years ago when making a life changing choice…To live with NO regrets….!

To never let myself die thinking “what if”….

Following my heart is a non negotiable… Being happy NOW is a necessity….

There are risks to be taken, challenges to be encountered & hard knocks to be experienced….

But, we can handle it! We came here equipped for life…. We have ALL we need within to BE, DO, HAVE ANYTHING that lives large enough in our hearts….

In the New Year especially, take your chance to start afresh, to finally follow your dreams..

Go out on that limb….

Listen to your inner whisper….

Life itself is a hazard….You may as well GO FOR IT ūüôā

All my love,

Dietitian Counsellor Psychology of Eating Coach

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