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I admit it upfront….

Letting go is not my strong point…

I hold onto & believe in the best in people, situations & life in general….

I have a fairy-tale kind of filter than mostly is lovely & works for me….

However sometimes it won’t allow me to see or accept reality as it is….

And I’ve recognised lately than my refusal to accept a situation is keeping me stuck & also stealing my energy for creation….

I am learning that I cannot both dwell on the past & what has been AND create the future & my dreams… The two are incompatible…

In order for me to be free to bring to life the visions, goals & desires I have for the coming time, I need very much to stop dwelling…. To stop refusing to accept the truth… To stop holding onto a fantasy that lives ONLY in my head….

Can you relate?

The time is NOW… As Eckhart says….

There is never a moment when the time is not now….

Everything else exists as a mere memory or illusion of the past or future…

These are never accurate…

Just our version of what happened or what we imagine might happen… And as Byron Katie says, we see the same thing, but differently….

For anyone else out there struggling to let go…. I’m here… I feel you… Let us love & leave the past where it is….

Take all the learning a we can…. & move forward with a hopeful, healed & peaceful heart….

Let’s start to honour our dreams…. Those things whispering to our soul& wishing to come to life

All my love,

BridgetJane xxoo

Dietitian, Counsellor, Psychology Of Eating Coach


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