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Be kind

As I discuss in todays Webisode, being KIND to yourself is ABSOLUTELY one of the FUNdamentals of lasting and lifetime health, wellness, vitality and weight loss success…

You cannot expect to encourage or support ANYONE with nasty, negative, condescending or critical words, by the same token you will do NOTHING to help yourself on the path of lasting wellness if you are not kind to yourself…

You live with yourself 24/7… That voice in your head is ALWAYS there…

Take a moment now to reflect… Is it kind, supportive, encouraging and positive? Or are you dragging yourself down and keeping yourself stuck with heavy, defeating, negative and cynical self-talk?

Criticism of any kind is stressful, and yes, you put yourself right in energy-draining, immune-depleting, fat-storing, inflammation-producing FIGHT or FLIGHT stress response when you criticise yourself…

For most of us, learning to be kind to ourselves ALL the time takes conscious, aware, work… Just like any relationship it requires daily effort and reflection…

Don’t spend your WHOLE LIFE trying to do it the HARD way…. Unless you make friends with yourself, the health, wellness, energy, weight-loss goals you have will remain illusive, uphill battles…

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  • Lesa



    Hi BJ
    What you say rings a bell with me. I have never had a weight problem but the last 3 years I have been overwhelmed with emotional stress and not loving myself at all as a result. I have put on 7 kilos and it just keeps getting worse. I am scared that I have lost my self control with food as I exercise and that is not the problem. It’s like I have given up on myself and I have no love for myself anymore.
    I need to love myself again to win this battle with food.
    Thank you for your insight, I hope I can win the battle!


    • bridget



      Hi Lesa,
      It’s so lovely to hear from you… It takes courage to admit these things, not only to ourselves, but publicly… I have no doubt that with time, patience& persistence you WILL get there… Loving myself has been my hardest challenge!! I work on it still everyday- some days are a breeze, others a challenge… I am sending you all my love, strength & support… I’m here too if you ever feel you’d like to do a Discovery Session xx o


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