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Destiny is created one decision at a time

It occurred to me recently as I struggled through a little bit of a fitness slump (YES….it happens to me too!!) that all the LITTLE decisions we make CONSISTENTLY are what truly shape and create our destiny…. Or in this case, our health or fitness results…

I can have a tendency to be an ALL or NOTHING person…. Go hard or go home….

But whilst this strategy USED to work very well for me, when I seemed to have a never-ending spring of energy, as I have gotten older, and more self-loving and aware, this strategy does ANYTHING but get me where I want to be!

I realised that 80% was ok. In fact it was BRILLIANT. And realistic!

And I could give 80% on a consistent basis and therefore over time create sustainable habits that would take me more in the direction of my desired destination!

I have a Habits Tracker that I use to help remind me of the things I need to do regularly to get to my goals… It is ever so helpful as we all know we can tend to have those moments of CRYSTAL clarity where we know EXACTLY what we need/want to do, yet somehow life gets in the way and 3 weeks later we remember the pledge we made to ourselves, then promptly forgot! Back to square one! I am betting I am not the ONLY one this happens to…??

Anyway, my advice…?

Back yourself. Support yourself and most of all BE KIND….

It is nothing more than teeny little decisions from moment to moment that WILL take you where you want to go…. Remember that and simply commit to slowly getting better ūüôā

Slow and steady wins the race!

If you need any help, or would like a copy of my Habits Tracker, please feel free to email me on [email protected]


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