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Does this nourish me

Calories schmellories!!

Instead of asking how many calories something contains, or how many calories a said activity burns, ask, “Does this nourish me?”

Because if the answer is YES, it’s without a doubt good for you and your metabolism!!

Imagine always asking this question….

In relation to food, exercise, relationships, thoughts, behaviours…

We’d revolutionise our lives.

Join me& do this…

Ask yourself this question a few times a day over the next week.

Answer from your heart & being, not your head!

Believe it or not, sometimes a glass of red, a piece of chocolate mudcake or other “naughty” food/drink can be INCREDIBLY nourishing….

Conversely, if we eat a so-called “healthy” food with resentment or anger, it most certainly is NOT nourishing….

We are not just physical beings, and our inner chemistry can and will overule the “outside elements” if there is a certain level of emotion being brought into the mix…. good and bad…. 🙂

Try that on for size 🙂

All my love,


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