The ONE thing I would say to other women & girls, who worry endlessly about their weight, & what they’re eating….

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Trust your body

If I could say just ONE thing to other women and girls, who worry endlessly about their weight, & what they’re eating it’s this:

Embrace REAL food…

Listen to your body…

Trust your body…

It never lies….

Let go of food fears….

You don’t need to use your head….

Eat… Listen for feedback from your very clever body…

Adjust accordingly…

Your body is so intelligent….

It knows what it needs…

It knows what feels good & is nourishing….

It also knows when it’s had enough…

The busyness of the mind drowns out our ability to HEAR with clarity….

The endless analysis of the mind disconnects us from the clear feedback the body offers….

Be CALM about food and your body….

There’s no such thing as failure, just feedback..

As you tweak your intake using this process (whilst simultaneously working on healing & optimising your relationship to yourself), things magically and naturally shift…

In all the work I’ve done with clients, it’s the stressing, the analysing, the worrying and the judging that creates all the issues….

Weight issues, energy issues, depleted immune systems, compromised digestion & metabolism, over-eating, emotional eating, cravings, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, ageing, anxiety, depression, fatigue and so much more…





Unite with your gorgeous body….

It’s on your side… It’s only ALWAYS been there for you….

The greatest shift I’ve EVER made, and the shift I’ve coached my clients to also make, is this one….

To love & trust their bodies…

To love & trust REAL food….

To heal their relationship with food, themselves and their bodies….

There is NEVER a greater freedom and joy than feeling COMPLETELY at ease within your body AND about food! 

Trust me when I say it’s more doable and achievable than you think, & within a relatively short space of time…

My signature 4 month coaching packages are designed to achieve exactly this….

If this is of interest to you, email me : [email protected] to arrange a FREE 15-20minute Clarity Session

Its MY joy and bliss and passion and purpose to show you HOW to love and trust YOUR body and REAL food ūüôā¬†

All my love,


Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach

Founder of New Leaf Nutrition and The Glow Project

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