Why your picture of HEALTH matters A LOT

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This week I was sitting at a Cafe, working & being productive whilst I waited for my car to be tended to.

And whilst I was there I happened to glance over in the direction of a Fitness Professional.

She was tucking into a container of brown rice, chicken and avocado….

And I didn’t mean to judge, but I kinda did….!

My eyes rolled just a little as I thought, “How boring!!!”

And… “No wonder people don’t stick to a healthy lifestyle when it’s all bland and predictable and same old and BEIGE…..!”

And it got me thinking…..

HEALTH can look SO many ways!

FITNESS can look so many ways!

The “ideal body” can look an infinite number of ways…..

You only need to take one glance at an Instagram feed to see all the interpretations or “Ideals”…

Brazillian butts….. Crossfit physiques…. Lean and long….. Curvy and voluptuous….

Raw Food…. Paleo….. Vegan…… Whole 30….. Sugar Free…… Fermented Food….

Weights…. Yoga….. Walking….. HIIT…… Pilates…… Dancing…. Running….. Martial Arts……

And so what I wanted to ask YOU today is,


what is YOUR picture of health??

AND is your picture and idea of health something that naturally EXCITES and COMPELS you, or is it something that makes you want to run a mile in the other direction (getting a lift of course!) and hide in a cave??

Your picture of health has A LOT to do with where you’re at right now!

With how easy and enjoyable and rewarding you find your Healthy Lifestyle journey….

You see, we are MEANING MAKING creatures….

We seek pleasure, and we avoid PAIN….

That’s just how we are primally “designed”….

If your “picture of health” is full of stuff and images and meanings that are more closely associated with pain (ie. loads of hard workouts; nothing but brown rice, chicken and broccoli; no alcohol or fun foods; suffering; deprivation; BOREDOM) then NATURALLY you are NOT going to gravitate that way!

It will take you LOADS of willpower and effort and constant coaxing to convince yourself to move towards health….

And it will be NEAR impossible to maintain….!

On the contrary, if your picture of HEALTH is full of COLOUR and HAPPINESS and FUN, you are going to move towards it ORGANICALLY without having to PUSH or FORCE or bribe yourself….

Your mind will associate health with PLEASURE….

And so, you will gravitate THAT way, naturally…..


Your PICTURE OF HEALTH directly helps OR hinders your Health Journey.

So today, your task is SIMPLE….

Spend some time reflecting on just what your picture of health is….

Start to create a Board on Pinterest of what images excite you in relation to health and be mindful to consider their MEANING….. (to your subconscious mind!)

Does that super taut butt get linked up with “pain, impossible, _________(insert some other negative connotation)” ???

Or does your brain associate that butt with JOY and PRIDE and YES?!

Be careful to collect and collate images that REALLY excite you from a deep and enduring place….

Ask yourself, “What does this image mean to me? What does it involve? Insinuate? Can I see myself in this picture?”

Take the time to actually ASK yourself, as you may be surprised at what you discover….

Something you THOUGHT you wanted, something you may’ve been working towards for a very long time, actually may be something that your subconscious mind is pushing away because of associations you are not even aware of….!

So don’t rush this and make assumptions….

Go deeper than the initial, superficial thought…..


When, and only when, your CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind are on the SAME PAGE in terms of your picture of health, will you start to effortlessly and easily move this way!

You may benefit from taking aspects of your health picture and journalling on them.

Write out and explore what each part ACTUALLY means to you….

Be curious about if it is more about PLEASURE or PAIN….?

I promise you this process and exercise will yield incredibly beneficial affects for you.

Let me know how you go too, and what you discover ūüôā

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