When what THEY say is Healthy, is not good for YOU… The Downfalls of Health Fads and blindly following Health Pop Culture

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Healthy not good for you

Yes, this is a huge title!

And yes, it’s something I have something to say about!

Throughout my entire career, and even right back from when I commenced my own health journey, I have seen so often the downfalls and dangers of the blind following the blind…..

Or even the blind following the well-meaning….

One thing I know for absolute certain is that NOTHING can be deemed ALWAYS HEALTHY, and similarly, nothing can be deemed always UNHEALTHY….

Think of this analogy….

“What colour does YELLOW make when added to another colour?”

The answer of course depends on at least 2 factors…..

1) What COLOUR are you adding it to??

2) What shade of yellow are you referring to?? 

And you see, in the health realm….. YOU are the colour being added to, and the “health” product “they” are raving on about, is the YELLOW that’s being added….

From this overly-simplified analogy you can already see that an infinite number of possibilities, in terms of outcome, exist….

You MAY be able to predict, based on MORE information (ie exactly what shade of yellow you’re dealing with AND exactly what colour you are adding to), what the LIKELY outcome will be….

HOWEVER until you actually MIX those colours and OBSERVE the effect, you will never actually know….

And this my friends is how YOUR BODY and “HEALTH PRODUCT a/b/c” operate together….

THEY SAY that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is AMAZING, and EVERYONE should have it, and it’ll do AMAZING things for literally EVERY aspect of your body and health….

YET, believe it or not, there are people out there for whom ACV is NOT ideal and in certain “systems” and biochemical states, it can cause adverse effects….

THEY SAY that Coconut Oil is INCREDIBLE and that EVERYONE should be using and eating it, and that it will do INCREDIBLE things for absolutely EVERY aspect of your health and digestion and skin and weight and and and….!

Yet, the truth is, for some people, coconut oil is the LEAST ideal thing to be consuming or using! (I am one of those people who react to ANYTHING coconut!) 

THEY SAY that FERMENTED VEGETABLES are the BEST THING you could feed your gut and that EVERYONE can benefit from eating them and that they improve EVERYTHING from digestion to immunity to mental health and cancer prevention…..!

YET, actually, for some people at certain times, fermented veggies are the LAST thing that will benefit their body and system…

THEY SAY that CROSSFIT is AHHHHHHMAZZZZIIIIING and good for everyone, all the time and the more the better!!

In reality, this style of training can be quite detrimental and counter-intuitive for many people (especially women), and can have the opposite effect of what one is aiming for!

I have countless examples of this nature…

Kombucha (NOT good for me, and many others!); Eggs; HIIT; Cauliflower; Green Juice; Red Meat; Coffee; etc etc etc!!

In  my time I’ve seen SO many instances- personal and professional- in which people have been following well-meaning advice from Health Junkies or even “well-qualified” health professionals, and have done more damage to the condition they were intending to treat, OR have created health issues by following this “blanket” health advice….

These days we have a plethora of Insta Health Experts sharing what works for them, and hence, what (supposedly!) works for everyone else!

From Vegan/Raw/Wholefood to Paleo to Organic to Clean to IIFM…..

There’s an endless existence of people and movements telling you what is HEALTHY and GOOD and BEST for you…. 

And MY greatest message and movement is to tell you the exact opposite!!

Any person or expert or movement telling you ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOU are the expert and your very intelligent BODY has the answer is unfortunately mis-guiding you!

I understand too why certain people or organisations get into telling you the “way it is”….

  • It’s much more simple than the reality & truth that there are no absolute rights/wrongs/goods/bads….& that LITERALLY EVERY PERSON is different AND is ever-changing!!
  • It’s marketable and profitable!
  • Its POPULAR and “liked” by the general public
  • It offers a (false) sense of security and safety- which as humans we are ALWAYS unconsciously looking for….!

SO yes, I do get why people want to share these messages and movements, and why people want to follow them….

I just can’t – or wont – have any role in it….

LITERALLY NOTHING can be said to be absolutely healthy for EVERYONE all the time and literally NOTHING can be said to be BAD for you all the time!

What’s right for you right now CAN and WILL change…..!

By NOT listening to our very wise and intuitive bodies, we can indeed get ourselves into a pickle….

And this is something I too am still learning…

How to TRULY listen to and TRUST my body (rather than my very “clever” head!)…

It’s a PROCESS….

It doesn’t happen overnight!

It’s not PERFECT – (there is NO PERFECT in real life!)

It requires patience and practice and allowing of feedback and adjustment….

It works BEST in a space of PEACE and QUIET and PRESENCE….

But let me tell you, as you GET this method of BEING, you absolutely THRIVE!! And you tap into a resource that can FOREVER guide you on the right path (for you, right now) WITHOUT endless analysis and researching and agonising and seeking outside advice….

THAT path (of outside guidance), can be nothing but frustrating, confusing, conflicting & yes ultimately YOU can be the casualty….

My message and intention of this post is this:

Please listen to and trust yourself. If you are not sure how to listen to your body, learn 🙂 It’s a process, but it’s possible AND it’s a learning for LIFE that will serve you in EVERY aspect of your life 🙂 Not just nutrition or exercise

You are wiser than you know; more competent than you realise and MUCH more KNOWING than you have allowed yourself to be….

It’s just a matter of getting in touch with that…

Personally I don’t have any Health Guru’s or celebs I meticulously follow or look to for advice…

I HAVE ALWAYS trusted myself ultimately and followed what FEELS GOOD….(and when I haven’t, Ive learned the HARD way that I SHOULD have listened to myself!)

I SUCK at taking guidelines and following rules…. I do everything based on feeling! 

A person who DOES inspire me though – and someone who I just thought today epitomises health and wellbeing- is Mr Jamie Oliver….

He clearly lives the concept that EVERYTHING IN MODERATION is ok 🙂

That NOTHING is out of bounds or OFF limits…

He embraces CULTURE and PASSION and BALANCE….

He is making a life of MEANING….

He LOVES his children & wife, he LIVES his passion…..

He is well-natured and friendly and funny…

He LOVES to help and inspire others…..

Above all else, he is NOT consumed with worrying about and focusing on all the FOODS that are absolutely healthy or unhealthy…. 

In scrutinising and analysing and dictating…

He is aware that SOME foods are best to be LIMITED, others are ideal to be PLENTIFUL…

He offers variety and freedom and fun as “health concepts”….

And, in the GRAND SCHEME and PICTURE of things, a life of happiness and joy and fun and family and love is at the TOP of the priority list! 

It’s not ALL about what you eat….

Think about it…

What ELSE in life are you consuming, absorbing & trying to digest?? 






There’s much more to the picture gorgeous ones, and YES you DO have the answers 🙂

Inside 🙂


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this….

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Until next time, enjoy life and food on YOUR TERMS! 🙂

YOU’RE the TRUE expert and GURU!

All my love,


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