What to do when Eating Away from Home and with Others

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I’m not sure about you, but one thing I KNOW for certain, after changing my lifestyle 23 years ago, is that when I EAT well, I FEEL well….

And as the years have rolled by, what “eating well” looks like, comprises of and IS, has changed, evolved, refined and become increasingly clean, whole and in my opinion, GORGEOUS! More and more, what I eat honours and nourishes and uplifts my mind, body, emotions, spirit and energy….

So then, since it makes me FEEL SO GOOD I NEVER feel inclined to deviate… To “cheat”… to “splurge”… to “have a night off”….

Nope. Never.

Why would I when I ADORE what and how I eat and MORESO how it makes me feel?!

I’m a feel-good-junkie!

That doesn’t in the slightest mean I DONT enjoy my food, or have a drink or relax….. Actually it’s the opposite! I do these things EVERY TIME I eat (accept drink of course)

EVERY meal for me is enjoyable and relaxing and damn well satisfying!

What I DONT do though, EVER, is eat stuff that makes me feel BAD… Or ILL…. Or YUCK….


Not to please anyone else. Not to fit in. Not for anything.

I will not compromise on how I want to FEEL.

So what I do instead is get CREATIVE 🙂

When I’m away from home, eating with others, eating out I get my CREATIVE CAP on and look for the WIN WIN 🙂

How can I get what I want (which is to feel awesome) AND fit in??

Away from home? Some things I do include:

  • Stop in at supermarkets to grab food I love
  • Pre-pack, pre-prepare
  • Book an apartment style room Vs hotel room so I can bring/make/take my own stuff

Eating with others?

  • I unashamedly own straight up that Im a fussy eater and can have “issues” with food (ie unpleasant physical reactions) if I eat certain things… “I’m sorry I’m a fussy eater & there are many things I can’t/don’t/won’t eat. Can I bring a dish? I don’t want to trouble you so I can certainly bring a dish or bring my own food”.

This can be a point of contention and judgement for some people and this is where I lean on the age-old wisdom of “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” After YEARS of being this way, people learn to love or hate me and either way I realise that that is their issue. I LIVE by the philosophy that PERCEPTION is PROJECTION…. So if people choose to judge or hate me because of the way I eat, then that is their thing. I for one will love them anyway and continue to make choices that make me feel AWESOME 🙂 Full stop.

Eating Out? 

  • I will often call the restaurant ahead, explain that I’m fussy and have “Special dietary needs” and ask if the chefs are happy to accommodate. I’ve never really had an issue! Most places are more than happy to prep me something along the lines of grilled/steamed/poached fish and steamed veggies OR steak and salad (without all the sauces and dressings and STUFF)….

For me it’s just not really an issue. It’s a lifestyle choice.

It’s one I’ve been making for over 23 years. It’s one I LOVE. It’s one that serves me ENDLESSLY to have brilliant ENERGY, HEALTH, RADIANCE and HAPPINESS.

Why would I compromise on that!? I deserve the best. YOU deserve the best.

Give that to yourself!

And please know, that what is “the best” for you, will be different than for me….

Whatever makes you feel AWESOME and UPLIFTS you…. DO that. CHOOSE that.

If Maccas does that for you, GO FOR IT!

If PIZZA does that for you, GO FOR IT!

If eating Grandma’s home made Shepherds Pie does that for you, GO FOR IT!

THERE IS NO JUDGEMENT HERE. No right or wrong. Be true to YOURSELF!

YOUR body knows best! Listen to it. Honour it.

And don’t EVER feel obligated to compromise who you are, or what you love, for anyone….

Those who love you will love you AS YOU ARE! Only always! 

Big love beauties!


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