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How I went from Overweight, Unfit and Bullied to Healthy, Fit and Inspired and STAYED that way! 

WELCOME GORGEOUS ONES to the Webinar Replay! 🙂

The great thing about the replay is you can skip the first 5 minutes or so where we were all getting settled and connected 🙂

I truly hope you enjoy this presentation- I certainly put my HEART and SOUL into it!

If you have any questions, please email me on [email protected]

This will be up FREE for at least 48 hours, and beyond that I cannot be certain (I’m still deciding!) That’s a woman’s prerogative no?! 🙂

If you know of anyone else who would LOVE to watch this too and soak up the gems of goodness, please send them to http://eepurl.com/btCxRX

Once they register, they’ll be sent an email with a link to this replay 🙂

Yes the offer mentioned in this replay is open and valid to ALL who register for this Webinar 🙂 Including current students of Glow Academy and VIP coaching clients.

This 90 Day Coaching package is more than HALF the price of my usual VIP coaching fee’s, so you are welcome to jump on the offer whilst it’s open. There is a limited number of these that I can honour and currently there is just a handful left 🙂 SO get in quick! 🙂

There is SO much we can do together in 90 days! 6 VIP Coaching Sessions with unlimited in between support will get the MOMENTUM MAGIC well in swing!

Remember the KEYS to permanent change include : Immersion, Support, Creating Supportive Micro-Environments, Asking for Support & Accountability 

This is what the 90 Day Coaching Package I have put together includes.

Immerse in a space full of resources, tools, trainings, audios, notes, resources and more. You will have LIFETIME access to Glow Central which includes my Introductory 4 week course : The Glow Project, as well as my 6 Module Immersion training – Glow Academy

Screen Shots of Glow Central below:

Do This First

Above you can see you have access to 1 Central Hub from where you can dive into the 4 week training – The Glow Project OR head into the deep and rich 6 Module Immersion Space of Glow Academy (pic below)

Welcome to GLOW Academy

Do This First

ALL the tools, resources, processes and exercises I use with my clients are hosted in this online space 🙂 

It is content rich and READY TO GO 🙂

The moment you say YES, you’ll be able to dive into all of it and let your intuition guide you.

You will also be invited to our very intimate and exclusive Facebook group – The Glow Tribe. A nurturing space of women just like you with whom you can share your journey and support each other.

On top of all this you’ll also have our fortnightly 1:1 sessions – following an in-depth personalised analysis including medical history, diet history, family history, preferences and a detailed Energy and Metabolism Assessment AND a tailored 1:1 FUNdamentals session & plan– which is absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get well on the path of PERMANENT lifestyle change!

Immersion, Support, Creating Supportive Micro-Environments, Asking for Support & Accountability 

Take a look at the very special 90 Day Coaching Package I have put together JUST FOR YOU as an appreciative acknowledgement of the time you took out to register and watch this whole-hearted Webinar 🙂

It would be my honour and excitement to welcome you into this amazing space and to commence (or continue!) this wonderful journey with you 🙂

All my love,


Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology Of Eating Coach

Founder of New Leaf Nutrition and The Glow Project

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