The You Method

The You Method

I am BEYOND excited to be sharing this with you FINALLY!!

This is something that had been living in my heart, mind and soul for way too many years!

My resistance to creating generic programs, plans and guidelines has always been about the absolute uniqueness of EACH person.

We are ALL different.

How can there POSSIBLY be ONE right way to eat, exercise, be happy and healthy??

There just ISN’T !

In my 15 years of working with clients I understand that EVERY person’s journey is DIFFERENT, and what works for one person, may NOT for another.

So in this ACTION PACKED 8 week program, we are going to get right to the nitty gritty of where YOU are at, where YOU want to be and HOW YOU can get there!

No rigid, restricted, one-size-fits-all advice or guidance.

This is ALL ABOUT YOU 🙂 

Each week we will cover one of EIGHT ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS and workshop exactly how YOU can get this sorted and optimised in your life.

Yes, YOUR life!

In a way that fits YOUR schedule, YOUR demands, YOUR preferences, YOUR family, YOUR energy levels, YOUR limitations, YOUR desires.

We will journey together through each essential element by first covering the WHAT and WHY – briefly.

Then we will move straight on to ACTION.

Observing, capturing and reflection on how you fare in the Essential Element we are looking at.

Then we come together in the Weekly Workshop to discuss your unique situation and together we will come up with 1-3 steps YOU can take over the next week to UP LEVEL your performance in the Essential Element of focus.

There will be an exclusive Facebook Page in which we can support, share, ask, vent and help each other through each and every day.

The idea with this program is that CHANGE HAPPENS!

We don’t just talk about it, dream about it, WISH….

We DO!!

In my experience, when a person is clear on what action to take, and it feels RIGHT to them, they DO make change.


My intention with this program is that it DOES create change!

It gets YOU acting….SHIFTING….

FINALLY doing those things you’ve been thinking about for WAY too long!

This program is for you if :

-you are TIRED of feeling sick and tired!

-you CANNOT ever stick to other peoples programs

-you want to know what is right for YOU!

-you want to QUIT dieting and worrying and feeling bad about YOU and finally find a way of health and happiness that feels GOOD to you

-you are READY and WILLING to take ACTION and make change!

-you are tired of whinging about your energy, health and happiness and want to know EXACTLY what to do to make positive change

-crazy regimes and rigid programs don’t feel right for you

-you are wanting to create a permanent lifestyle change

-you want the support and encouragement of like-minded women

-you need motivation, inspiration and ideas to get you on track

What we will cover in the 8 weeks:

Essential Element ONE- The ABSOLUTE foundation of it all!

Without getting this element right, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Learn EXACTLY WHY you haven’t achieved the results you desire yet, and get clear on EXACTLY what to do about it!

Essential Element TWO- The MOST IMPORTANT habit every healthy person has!

What this is, WHY it’s important and HOW to get it happening in your life.

There is no point looking ANY further if you haven’t gotten THIS healthy habit mastered!

Essential Element THREE- The BIGGEST mistake I see over and over !

The stats on how many people are NOT meeting this element is SCARY! For ENERGY, WELL-BEING, DISEASE PREVENTION, RADIANT SKIN, a HEALTHY HEART, WEIGHT LOSS, EFFICIENT DIGESTION & METABOLISM, you MUST get this element nailed!

Essential Element FOUR- One of the most CRUCIAL human needs!

Without this, NO ONE’s body functions optimally. Some need LESS, most need MORE. Work out where you are on the scale and what you can do to optimise this element. If you are feeling SLUGGISH, FUZZY, STRESSED, BLOCKED, this is the element you need to address.

Essential Element FIVE- The OFTEN OVERLOOKED aspect!

Even those who appear to be doing EVERYTHING right, often have THIS element out of whack. Not only lacking on quantity, but QUALITY. Learn WHY it’s SO important to get this element harmonised, and get clear on HOW you can make it happen. If hormones are an issue for you, THIS is KEY!

Essential Element SIX- The second most common nutrient deficiency I see!

Again, it is SCARY how many people are lacking in this ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT. EVERY human has a moderate-high need for this element and the DIFFERENCE I see in clients once they get on top of it is GOB-SMACKING! Less pain, inflammation, stress, depression and markedly better hair, skin and overall appearance.

Essential Element SEVEN- Something as a society we are lacking

If every person factored in this element, their entire experience of life would be different. Today’s world barely even gives this factor a look in, and its MUCH to our detriment! Learn how 5-10 minutes of this Essential Element can be a MAJOR game-changer in your health, happiness and energy and how YOU can make this work for you 🙂

Essential Element EIGHT- The most over-consumed food group I see

This one food group is the cause of so much zonked energy, ill health, food reactions and intolerances, weight gain, skin reactions, digestive issues and SO much more! Learn WHAT to avoid, WHY and HOW to find alternatives.

We start right away with some baseline assessments so I can be SURE to tailor each Essential Element to YOUR UNIQUE situation, and we kick off with Essential Element ONE next Friday 1st July.

There are a VERY LIMITED number of places.

If this feels like a HELL YES to you then click below to secure your place and LETS GO!

                                                                                                     1 Payment $240                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            OR 

                                                                                  8 weekly payments of $35 

When I approached you for some help with my IBS symptoms I was nervous that I would have to try yet another diet plan. I was mostly worried that I would not be able to stick with it and end up disappointed in myself.
You did not give me the diet plan, you helped me with my life, caring and self plan.
You helped me to see what was really going on for me and what my body was patiently (and some times not so patiently) try to tell me.
The simple nutritional strategies you gave me helped me to feel better, function better and allowed me the energy to start to care for myself….with kindness.
I’m so very grateful to you for showing me, helping and supporting me at every step of the way!!!

Big big thanks Bridg!!

Jana's Collage



Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she could control her body.
She’d been vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Paleo, Ayurvedic….ALL OF IT.

She was sad, confused and wreaking emotional havoc on her mind
Why am I like this? What is wrong with me?

How can I get control of my body? she says crying with frustration at her efforts!

Then along came a GLOWing angel, and they would call her ‘Little Bridget’
Little Bridget taught the girl to listen to her body, not control it.
To love herself unconditionally, for she is a magnificent being of this universe.
To understand her body instead of trying to change everything about it.

She would teach her to Be who she wanted to be instead of always wishing.
To release toxicity in the mind and embrace happiness in life.
and the girl lived happily ever after…..forever!

Thats my story!
In a nut shell, I can not thank Bridget enough,
I thought I had it, “I’m healthy and active. I’m good”.
NO! I wasn’t good! My emotions, my head, my heart were all over the place.

Bridget helped me bring everything back into alignment for me, I had to do all the hard work.
Yes and it was hard but no one else was going to do it for me!!!

The day I found Bridget was the first day of the rest of my life

From the brightest flicker of my soul, thank you

-Paula x”

Georgia B Transformation

Georgia's Testimonial Collage




                                                                                                     1 Payment $240                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            OR 

8 weekly payments of $35 

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