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I’m so happy to finally share this awesome Success Story with you ūüôā

Miss Tennille and I began our work way back in March of 2011.

A 33 year old mummy of two, Tennille initially approached me regarding concern of her daughters weight issues and lack of confidence, yet after a little chat she realised that health in her family began with her. She wanted to role model a healthy love of self to her children, especially her daughter, learn how to be IN her body, connected to herself and be able to achieve and maintain a slimmer, fitter, stronger body forever after.

So, our work began, and the changes in Tennille came fast and on many different levels. Not just a physical transformation, but a TOTAL mind, body, soul shift.

To this day, Tennille is happier, fitter, sexier and more alive than she has ever been AND embarking on a NEW career as a dance teacher ūüôā

AMAZE! ūüôā

A complete testament to why I love this work so much and how far beyond just BODY it goes ūüôā

Enjoy her story.

All my love,


“Hi Bridge,

Wow! Where do I start?

Well, I remember when i first started with you that I didn’t have much faith in myself. This is due to all the times in my life that I had tried to “lose weight”, tried to “change” tried to “fix”, tried to resolve all my “issues”, only to be caught in a never ending cycle of diets, guilt and self-loathing. Physically every week I would experience a terrible headache or migraine, and I felt I had no confidence in my self when I went out in public due to how¬†overweight¬†I was. I pretended I was confident, but I loathed myself inside. ¬†However, not having any faith in myself at all from my past failed attempts, I still signed up with your program and set an end result/goal for myself:¬†Sustainable¬†Transformation.

I have really loved your “holistic” approach to helping your clients on a mind, body spirit level. ¬†Personally, this has helped me look at all areas of myself that were affecting my health, wellbeing and confidence. ¬†You really helped me look at my stress levels, which unbeknownst to me were probably the biggest factor affecting my health and wellbeing. ¬†I have majorly benefited from your “no weigh” policy. ¬†What I’ve found is that the numbers on the scale are NOT¬†important¬†and in fact detrimental to my success. ¬†What you have taught me is that it’s not about the numbers on the scale, its about how I feel about myself, and how confident¬†I feel within myself. This advice has been invaluable. ¬†When people tell me how great and healthy I am looking, they ask me how much weight I have lost. ¬†I tell them that I don’t actually know. But I do know that if I jumped on the scales to look, and saw that it’s not as much as I thought or had hoped, it WILL send me into a downward spiral as it had many times in the past. ¬†I don’t even need to know. ¬†I feel great, I am two dress sizes less than when I started, and my confidence levels are sky high most of the time. ¬†That’s all that matters to me. ¬†The numbers on the scale do not matter any more. And I will probably never jump on any scales again. The numbers are irrelevant.

All in all, what this has led to is a way of eating and living that IS sustainable for me. I have eliminated the foods that do not serve my body and that make me sick, tired, lethargic and cause me¬†migraines. These foods are dairy, gluten, wheat, grains, msg. ¬†While it may seem restrictive to some and may not be for everyone, it is just right for ME. I have never felt or looked better, and believe me, it has taken me 34 years of yo-yo-ing to get to this point where my health and well being are more important to me than eating foods that make me sick. ¬†(And my headaches only happen when I have a little too much to drink on the rare occasion – hehe ūüôā ¬†

I don’t think I would have got here Bridge were it not for your guidance to be aware of and listen to my body. I have tried to do it many times by myself in the past – with no long term sustainable success at all.

One day recently, of my relatives asked me if I have been on a diet. I had a think about that for a second, and for the first time in my life I said “No, I’ve just changed the way I eat.”¬†Because¬†I really had! I have never said this before. It was always, “yes, this diet, or that diet”, but I have realised that this time around it really has been a lifestyle change! Finally!! I have a way of eating and living that is perfect for what I want for my body,¬†I feel healthy, confident, have high energy and I still get to eat the treats I most love – potato chips, hot chips, Loving Earth raw chocolate, coconuts, and have a sexy body at the same time ūüėČ And I enjoy healthy, living foods more than ever too! I never feel like I miss out.

Your service really has been invaluable. ¬†I would recommend anyone who is wanting sustainable transformation in their health, well being and vitality to come to you. You are so dedicated to your clients and I have felt your energy, love and dedication to me over our time together. ¬†You really do put your money where your mouth is so to speak ūüėČ ¬†Thank you for your love, support and guidance over our time together – I am so happy with the outcome and I really have achieved my end result – Sustainable¬†Transformation!!”

Tennille before

Tennille Before


Tennille After 


Tennille AFTER

INCREDIBLE hey? ūüôā

If you too would LOVE to know how to begin this SUSTAINABLE journey of transformation, please contact me to arrange a Discovery Session.



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