Super Succulent Chicken Breast

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Succulent Chicken Breast


I’m not sure about you, but since I’ve discovered the heavenly nature of FULL FAT and FULL FLAVOUR food, chicken breast has become kinda Meeehhhh….!

It’s hard to cook well, and more often than not is dry and uninspiring, unless you marinate it well, or add a heap of sauces or condiments!

Well, that WAS until I stumbled across this AMAZING way to cook chicken breast!

Following the technique I will share with you here, my chicken breast is once again SUCCULENT and TENDER and OH SO DELICIOUS every time!!

To make easy, peasy lunches for the week, just BATCH this process (ie cook a few at a time!), slice and pop into some containers with your desired accompaniments- brown rice, green veggies, steamed or roasted sweet potatoes, salad are just a few great ideas! OR you may love to slice these succulent chicken breasts and make super delicious chicken sandwiches!! 🙂 NOMNOM You can’t go past a chicken, lettuce and mayo sandwich right?!!?!?

Remember too you can experiment and play and create ENDLESS variations of this basic technique so you need never get bored! Try a tandoori twist; a hint of Mexico; Italian influences; Thai flavours or any other flavour hit that takes your fancy ! 🙂

Me? Im SUPER happy with the flavour that lamb fat, himalayan sea salt and basic herbs (ie thyme & rosemary) impart in this dish, but you be the judge! 🙂

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, email me on [email protected]

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you! 🙂

Super Succulent Chicken Breast


  • As many free range (organic too if desired/available/affordable) chicken breasts as you wish to cook
  • Your cooking fat of choice (I LOVE collecting the fat from my lamb/beef/chicken roasts & saving it in old coffee jars for cooking with. It has INCREDIBLE flavour and makes a meal THAT much more satisfying! You may like extra virgin coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil)
  • Himalayan Sea Salt (HSS)
  • Your choice of herbs – my go-to at the moment are thyme and rosemary. Fresh or dried is fine.
  • Optional : garlic cloves, unpeeled
  • Veggies or salad and/or rice/potato that you wish to serve with your breasts


***NB I adapted this recipe and process from a post I stumbled across over at Forever grateful for the genius there! 🙂

1) Season chicken breasts as desired (me : HSS, thyme, rosemary)

2) Heat pan over medium-high heat and when hot add your choice of cooking fat (I add enough to generously coat the whole surface of the pan)

3) Turn the heat to medium and immediately place your chicken breasts in the pan and allow them to cook, without moving them, for just 1 minute.

4) Then, flip the chicken breasts.

5) Turn the heat down to low.

6) Cover the pan with a tight fitting lid and allow to cook -without removing lid AT ALL, not even to peek- for 10 minutes. I set a timer always! The timing is OH SO important!

7) Turn off the heat and if you have an electric stove top like me (BOOOOO!), move the pan to a non-heated element. Re-set the timer, DO NOT touch the lid, and let them sit for another 10 minutes. It’s ultra important you do not lift the lid.

8) After 10 minutes you can remove the lid and check that your chicken is done. There should be absolutely NO PINK in the middle of your chicken breasts. To be ultra safe and make absolutely sure it is cooked through, you can use an instant-read thermometer to check the temperature is at least 74°c/165°F).

9) Slice and serve with whatever you have prepped for your meal. I am loving broth/salad/veggie style meals at the moment! I go through my phases!

10) Store any leftovers in containers in the fridge and enjoy having ready-made meal-starters for lunches or dinners!


Remember to send any questions, feedback or ideas to [email protected]




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  • Sara



    WOW! I cant wait to try this. Sounds like an awesome simple way to get healthy yummy chicken back into our meals. Having two beautiful busy kiddies, I think this will be easy to prepare. Maybe my son will enjoy learning this tecnique also. Let you know how we go! Cheers for the tip. love light peace always!


    • bridget



      YAY beautiful! Thanks SO much for stopping by and commenting!! Means the world! I hope you all LOVE it! <3 It's been very popular!! xoxoxoxo


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