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In his 50’s Rex Morrow is as fit and healthy as he has been in a very long time and leading a very different life to 17 months ago.

Suffering a heart attack over 4 years ago was not as rude a wake up call as the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes in September ’06.

This news spurred Rex into action and lead to his introduction to Bridget, as part of his health team.

Weighing in at 101kg, Rex was stressed, suffering low moods, tired, and lacking energy. He was on a cholesterol lowering medication and facing the real possibility of adding a diabetic medication to this.

By making a few simple changes to his diet and learning the basics about food, Rex noticed changes quickly. Rex’s food choices were by no means “unhealthy options”, in fact they were quite good. It came down to a few consistent changes that made a significant, and almost immediately noticeable, difference to his energy levels, moods and general feelings of wellbeing.

Exercise on a regular basis helps Rex find himself in full momentum of a completely new lifestyle.

Today at 84kg Rex still wants to shift a few more kilo’s, however feels 150% better than he did. Not only does he have sky high energy levels, he is much happier, proud of his achievement and enjoying the pleasant side effect of immaculately clear skin! Acne had been a haunt for the better part of his life.

Additionally, Rex reports much better vision, practically non-existent irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and a much more positive and exciting outlook on life. During his time working with Bridget, Rex faced a major life upheaval and managed it much more easily than he might’ve had he not transitioned to a more healthy, vital and happier lifestyle.

Rex supports more than anyone the amazing and multi-faceted effect lifestyle change can make to your life.

He says “it wasn’t that hard at all. I’m thoroughly enjoying the foods I’m eating, I don’t miss alcohol, and I still include a few of my favourite indulgences every now and then”. Before I met Bridget I was overweight and lacked energy.”

“After meeting Bridget over a year ago, and adhering mostly to her recommendations I have shed over 23kgs, lots inches ….down from XXL to M size and am close to my goal weight for good health and energy”

“Now I see Bridget for follow-ups, and fresh ideas on meals. Losing and maintaining weight loss is a lifestyle thing…not a quick fix drink from a can. I occasionally get a bit of a stern lecture from Bridget for wandering off the path”

Life with a healthy heart and mind, and without the threat of diabetes, has been well worth the effort for Rex.


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