Success Story – Chris Hill

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This month, we hear from Chris Hill- what a champ!

“Bridget is the first person I have worked with that has been able to make a healthy way of life make sense to me. She has made it quite simple and enjoyable. The feeling of wellbeing is now constant.
When I first met Bridget I felt I wasn’t getting the energy I should from my diet. I was 5kg overweight and looking to reduce my blood pressure and keep it low naturally.
After our first meeting I felt encouraged and motivated. My expectations were exceeded and I had all the resources I needed to make the initial changes. It actually seemed simple!
As I began to implement the recommendations from Bridget my energy levels were noticably better, my blood pressure normal and my stress levels a lot lower.
The major changes and improvements to my life as a result of working with Bridget are better energy levels, clearer mind for business and personal pursuits, and I am much more interested in my diet! Actually having fun finding the right things.
I would recommend anyone looking to improve their health and diet to see Bridget!”

-Chris Hill, Diddillibah, QLD



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