Slow Cook Seduction

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This one is LESS recipe, more “guide”

Cause one of my FUNDAMENTAL Food Philosophies is all about Gut-Guided Cooking….!

I LOVE recipes for inspiration, ideas….Learning new skills and combos…

But measuring, weighing, following EXACTLY is just NOT my style…..I value FREEDOM and FUN and following someone else’s instructions AINT EVER my idea of fun or freedom! hehehe

My style of living and cooking is all about Following My Feeling….

I prefer to tune into my body, connect with what it’s wanting or needing, and go from there….

I usually start with the protein (chicken, fish, beef), then the texture (chunky, smooth, chewy, fall-apart succulent), and then I just FOLLOW MY GUT 🙂

Lately I’ve been having MORE fun than ever with food and creating amazing meals…. Using grass-fed, organic, WHOLE food has rocked my world….

No more avoiding skin, fat, FLAVOUR… It’s now ALL about eating as CLOSE to nature as possible… using ALL of the meat/food….

And I have been LOVING and LUSTING over the genius of SLOW COOK ERRRYTHANG 🙂

Slow cook roast lamb shoulder…. Slow cook roast chook…… Slow cook beef cheeks……. Slow cook lamb shanks….. etc etc!

All I do is add a few herbs and maybe some Himalayan sea salt and BAM….. TASTEBUD HEAVEN…..!!


So my contribution to the Ravishing Recipe component of the newsletter this week is all about Slow Cook Seduction…

Im TOTALLY in love with, and converted to, this Old School tradition of cooking Sllllooooowwwwww….

Not only is it EPICALLY good for you and incredibly economical……It is also SO FREAKIN easy and UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS….!

In a busy life, where TASTE is king, and fussing about is not your friend, slow cooking is your MIRACLE ANSWER….

With a few simple, CLEAN INGREDIENTS, basic cookware and BASIC culinary skills you can create a GOURMET meal without even having to be present! 

It sounds too good to be true yeah?!!? Like magic??

Well, yeah….it kinda IS 🙂

So no matter where you’re at with your skills, or your food knowledge or even your DESIRE to be in the kitchen, YOU CAN DO THIS…

You can create a mouth-watering, INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE and hella HEALTHY meal for yourself, your family, your partner or the one you’re wanting to woo!

The best part?? You can’t really fail!!

It’s kind of impossible with just a few, simple tips and a Google here and there 🙂

So…Without further ado, here is what I did to create these EPICALLY AMAZING, melt-in-your-mouth lamb shanks…..




  • 2-4 good size grass-fed lamb shanks (If you’re local to the Sunshine Coast, I highly recommend seeing Billy from Meat at Sunrise)
  • Splash red wine
  • water/stock/broth to cover contents of pot
  • 2-6 Bay leaves
  • Good sprinkle Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme – fresh or dried is fine
  • Teensy sprinkle cinnamon (optional! I quite like this twist!)
  • Chopped Onion (I use Red onion ’cause I like it)
  • 3-6 Garlic Cloves – bruised, crushed, however you like your garlic
  • 1-2 Tblsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Celery – chopped
  • Carrot -chopped (I never peel my carrots, just wash)
  • Sweet Potato (skin on, just washed!) – optional
  • Himalayan Sea Salt to taste


  • Literally pop everything in a Slow Cooker set to LOW.
  • Leave for 6-7 hours (you can set timer if you will be out)
  • Love and leave 🙂
  • When there is 15-20mins until you are wanting to serve, roughly chop your sweet potato, pop into a pot in a combination of water and stock. Steam/sautee/boil the potato until tender then MASH…. If you are using a YUMMY stock it wont need anything else! No butter, no milk….! But of course you can totally use these 🙂 I simply reserve a small amount of the liquid the potato is cooked in and mash in that. Yes I leave the skin in the mash 🙂
  • Serve your incredible lamb shanks and juices atop your sweet potato mash, or if you prefer, as I do, some GREENS 🙂
  • If you would like to convert your juices to a gravy/jus, I recommend simply googling a recipe that you like the look of 🙂 Me? I am happy with the juices/stock as it is right from the pot. I do usually add Himalayan Sea Salt.
  • BAM! Drool, love, savour, ENJOY your very clever and delicious meal 🙂

Be sure to send your feedback or questions to [email protected] OR come talk to me in FACEBOOK LAND

PS. You can replicate this EXACT RECIPE with – beef cheeks, lamb chops, gravy beef, ANY slow cook style meat!


Big Love!


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Accredited Practicing Dietitian ~ Counsellor ~ Psychology of Eating Coach


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