Sensational Savoury Mince with Quinoa

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This recipe was adapted from this one over at Australian Healthy Food Guide.



I LOVE getting ideas for new meals from websites such as these, then simply adapting according to what I have in the fridge/cupboard and also what my gut guides me towards 🙂

Using the above recipe as a guide, I also added/used:

-Tomato paste – approx 1-2 tblsp

-Minced garlic – a LOAD

-Chilli flakes – LOTS

-Red wine – just a splash

I did not use chickpeas, mushies or tomatoes. Instead I used :

-Brussels Sprouts

-Chinese Cabbage


-a mix of frozen peas, corn and carrots

I used a red onion, not a brown one, and I used Vegeta stock, not Beef Stock.

I also served it with Quinoa, not rice. This is simply as my partner prefers quinoa to rice and it is higher in protein 🙂 BONUS 🙂

This was pretty much half vegies, half mince, or maybe MORE vegies….

This is how we love to eat 🙂 We feel satisfied and “light”, not heavy when done.

Be mindful that drastically increasing your fibre intake, without allowing your body to adjust gradually, can lead to digestive issues, bloating, cramping and other upsets. So go easy…. Listen to your body and use the amount – and type – of vegetables you feel is right for you & your family 🙂

Oh and to serve, we topped this with Cottage Cheese and avocado 🙂 NOMNOM

ENJOY and be sure to send me your feedback 🙂



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