Raw Choc Vegan Tarts

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These delicious, delectable and absolutely delightfully nutritious tarts come to you from a lovely lady I have come to know again through the world of INSTA….

Tam (aka Awesomeness to those who know her) is a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, friend and nurse. She luuurrrvveee’s life, the beach and anything sparkly, but most of all the special people in her life – her two beautiful daughters Loz and Macca, and her omni-awesome husband Kev 🙂

Meeting this woman in the flesh recently at a local Women’s Expo, was absolutely AWESOME! She really is full of LIFE, full of LOVE and full of PASSION for a natural, and DELICIOUS way to your healthiest life!

You can follow her adventures, updates and recipes over on her blog My Infinite Balance as well as on Instagram! Search for “sunnycoasters” 🙂

I thank Tam from the bottom of my heart for this gorgeous recipe and I really hope you enjoy it! Be sure to send me your feedback! 🙂 MWAH!

Over to Tam….


* 2 cups organic almond meal
* 1 cup organic cacao
* 4 Tbspn organic raw honey
* 4 Tbspn organic cold pressed coconut oil

1. Mix the dry ingredients together thoroughly to ensure an even flavour.
2. Mix in the moist ingredients thoroughly to ensure base has correct consistency.
3. Press mixture into non stick mini muffin tin (24 mini muffins).
4. Place in freezer until filling is ready.


* 1 large organic banana
* 1 large organic avocado
* 2 Tbspn organic raw honey
* 1/4 Tspn pink Himalayan salt
* 1/4 cup organic cacao

1. Blend the banana and avocado until silky smooth.
2. Mix in the honey.
3. Mix in the salt, ensuring that it has been finely ground prior to adding.
4. Blend in the cacao, again ensuring that it is thoroughly mixed in.

{ For delicious variations to this filling you can flavour it with either minimal drops of edible oils such as doTerra and get mint, orange etc, or mix in some organic blended strawberries, add some blended dates, add some chopped nuts, or as the picture shows add some edible lavender. If the chocolate taste is too strong you can also either cut down the cacao and replace with equal amount of coconut, or add 2Tbspn of almond/rice milk to the filling mix }


1. Spoon the filling into the bases.
2. Refrigerate.
3. Loosen from muffin pan with a fine knife or skewer and lever out as they are reasonably delicate.
4. Keep refrigerated or freeze.

I no longer concern myself with calories because I find it counterproductive, I am more interested in eating foods that are nourishing for the body (and since this is chocolate I think it is nourishing for the soul too!). However I understand that for some of you it is important, so each little tart is approximately 145 calories.

I do hope you enjoy these little naked tarts (naughty) and all the nourishing goodness they each bring. Please feel free to share with me your flavour variations.

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!

Tam, My Infinite Balance

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