Rave Recipes for Ease, Taste, Convenience and Health

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I know it might sound TOO good to be true, but I really do believe that cooking and food should be SUPER SIMPLE, EASY, FUN and TASTY!

Health has become one of my highest priorities, so also keeping it friendly for the innards is ideal!

I am not one to enjoy recipes that call for 6000 ingredients and all manner of complicated and complex steps.

I like my food close to nature. Untainted. Unspoiled. As much as possible.

I believe in using natural, wholesome fats; simple, delicious herbs; basic ingredients and techniques that my grandma would use.

It feels comforting. Nourishing. Wholesome and, well….. RIGHT 🙂

This is just me! And I have no judgements against those who feel otherwise and enjoy more complicated and convoluted recipes!

It’s just not my thang, and does not make everyday healthy eating and living that DO-ABLE in a busy life!

Without further fuss, or ado, here are my TOP 5 Rave Recipes that I and my clients LOVE!

They are tried, tested, and as you will see, sometimes NOT recipes! Just ways of preparing basic ingredients, with the least bother, that tastes FRICKEN AMAZING!

I hope you enjoy them and please, if you have any questions, suggestions or issues, do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected] – its a true pleasure hearing from you! 🙂

First up we have Raw, Vegan, No Bake, 3 Ingredient Brownies because EVERYONE needs a chocolate fix every now and then!

No bake brownies

High in protein, essential fats, fibre and oodles of minerals, these are a PERFECT guilt-free snack for ANYTIME of day!

It’s perfectly ok to “emotionally eat” if you do it consciously and with full CHOICE 🙂 If we only ever ate when we were TRULY hungry, life would be pretty damn bland and yeah, we’d all be walking bean poles! Bit boring!

Next we have Nourishing, nurturing, delicious Bone Broth.


Although it is warming up here, AND technically this recipe takes 24hours, it is a “hands-off” process and putting it together truly takes MINUTES!

I cook this one every few weeks WITHOUT fail! I use it to braise veggies, as a base for other soups or stews or casseroles, as a drink to fill me up throughout a busy day…. In SO many ways!

Broth is one of my kitchen staples! Without fail it IS featured DAILY. It’s incredibly healing, nourishing and versatile! Forget stock cubes and powders!! YUCKY!

Do it like your nana did! It’s actually really easy and quite addictive. After you’ve done it once, you’ll be hooked! Trust me 🙂  I LOVE this one and hope you do too!

Next up is Super Succulent Chicken Breast.

Succulent Chicken Breast

I was never actually much of a fan of the breast of chicken, UNTIL this recipe!!! Now I LUUUURVE it and yes, this one is a weekly staple!!

I NEVER cook just ONE breast! I buy in bulk and cook in bulk! At this time of year, if you do the same thing, you’ll have chicken breast ready-to-go in the fridge for adding to basic salads, shredding into wraps or slicing and popping on a pita-based pizza even!

Forget store-bought chicken loaf or even roasted chickens. This way you know is ENTIRELY preservative and additive free and COMPLETELY good for you 🙂

I also love this one served in a broth with green veggies for a “too sick/tired” nourishing and healing dinner 🙂 Enjoy!

Following on with the chicken theme (why not?! It’s cheap, easy and accessible!), EVERYONE in the house will LOVE this one!

Crispy, Delicious, Nourishing Chicken Drumsticks


These again are very “hands-off” and only take minutes to prep- most likely with ingredients you ALREADY have in the kitchen! YAY!

Great for lunches, snacks, dinners, hell even breakky if you’re that way inclined!

Filling, satisfying, nourishing and WHOLESOME, you will be a convert once you try this and everyone in the house will hound you for them 🙂

While you’re at it, load up a tray of roasting veggies, drizzle with olive oil, herbs and himalayan sea salt and BOBS YOUR AUNTY! 🙂

Multi-tasking at its best! Having roasted veggies ready-to-go in the fridge for whatever takes your fancy is really a delicious and convenient treat!

Lastly, this has to be my ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!

Yes, EVEN in the summer!! A cold lamb salad, or some meaty lamb wraps or sandwiches , or yeah, the famous and trusty pita lamb pizza, yummo! 🙂

Let me introduce you to the recipe that will become the family LEGEND : Succulent Slow Roasted Lamb, or Lamb in a Bag

Slow Roast Lamb Shanks


And although it is a 7-8 hour job, once again its “hand-free” after its been prepped! Gotta love that!

I PROMISE this will be your FAVOURITE too! 🙂

There you go!


I know they will become icons in your household, as they have mine 🙂

Be sure to send me your thoughts, feedback, questions and even PICCIES! 🙂

Until next time, savour and ENJOY every moment!


All my love,


Mind, Body, Soul Wellness Coach (certified and accredited Dietitian, Counsellor, Psychology of Eating Coach)


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