Product Of The Month – Sun Rice Quick Brown Rice

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Medium Grain Brown Rice in 90 seconds- microwave

Quick Brown Rice

This has to be one of the GREATEST convenience food genius’ to hit our supermarket shelves!

Brown rice is without a doubt the HEALTHIEST rice you can chow down on!

It has the WHOLE grain intact providing you with all the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids of the original grain.

White rice has been through a polishing and milling process which removes 70-90% of the B vitamins, as well as the phosphorus, iron and manganese.

All that’s really left then is the STARCH and thus “empty calories”….

This is not such a bad idea IF you are highly active and NEED all the calories and carbs you can get, however, for most of us, selecting the most nutrient-dense options is ideal 🙂

Brown rice is rich in disease-fighting phytonutrients, selenium, fibre, tryptophan and may help in maintaining optimal weight.

Traditionally brown rice can be a PAIN to cook, or so many tell me! 🙂 Laborious- and some struggle to get it right…

Well this magic product takes away all the frustration and makes super healthy fast meals possible for everyone!

And if you have never liked the taste of brown rice, I encourage you to try it again…

Many of my clients tell me they do not like the taste, yet end up discovering that that idea lived mostly in their heads…! After making the change for a while, they cannot imagine going back to white rice. This has certainly been the case in our household 🙂

We LOVE making brown rice sushi and serving brown rice with all our curry and stir-fry dishes.

You can use leftovers to create yummy rice salads for lunches, or take packets with you to the office to whip up speedy and satisfying meals (one popular idea is a tin of flavoured tuna, steam-fresh vegies and the brown rice 🙂 YUM!)

Brown rice has a lovely nutty flavour that will really grow on you, I promise!

Give it a go and let me know your thoughts 🙂

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