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Chances are you’ve come from the dynamic and vibrant Kristen Kancler’s OWN YOUR POWER SUMMIT!


I know VERY well the impact that NOT owning your power can have on your WEIGHT, ENERGY and overall HEALTH and wellbeing!

After 15 years of working with thousands of clients on their health, weight, energy and so many other things in between I am INCREDIBLY CLEAR on the absolute importance and IMPACT of owning your power!

As I shared in my interview with Kristen, I’ve had my own journey with being overweight, unfit, depressed, anxious and lost and that has FUELLED my passion, curiosity and determination to find answers, solutions and strategies for HOW to deal with and remedy these challenges NATURALLY….

ALWAYS, in some way, shape or form, it comes back to OWNING OUR POWER 🙂


Let me share with you 3 KEYS to Owning Your Power and WHY it’s ESSENTIAL for Weight Loss, Energy and Health!

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