Orange Glazed Salmon

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This is one of my most favourite, and most simple, “throw together” meals/recipes, it’s also a FAV of my VIPs!

I highly recommend you give it a go!

Achieving 3-6 fish meals/snacks a week is something I encourage all clients to do. Omega 3’s are incredibly valuable for healthy, vibrant cells which translates to healthy, vibrant bodies, skin & energy! 

You will need:

Salmon fillets with skin on

Fresh whole orange

Oil/cooking fat of choice – Coconut or Olive oil is great1

Sea Salt

Cracked black pepper


Heat the pan to med-high, add your oil.

Salt the salmon skin and add each salmon fillet skin side down. Allow the salmon skin to crisp for about 1 minute then turn heat to medium.

Slice orange into wedges and squeeze the juice over the salmon fillets. Place the squeezed orange wedges alongside the salmon fillets to cook through.

Ensure you loosen the fillets as they cook to make sure they do not stick.

After 2-3 mins turn the fillets, and orange wedges, and finish cooking to your liking.

If the skin is not crispy enough turn over again and cook until crispy.

Your salmon fillets should end up crispy and covered with a sweet orange glaze! YUM!

Serve over a bed of baby spinach leaves, steamed asparagus, char-grilled capsicum, mushroom and cherry tomatoes- or any other salad/vegetable combination you prefer.

balsamic, orange and mustard dressing compliments this dish nicely. Simply combine balsamic vinegar, the juice of an orange and some grainy mustard in a jar and whisk or shake until combined.

Cajun spices added during cooking also adds a ZING!

Bon appétit! 🙂

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