New Year, New You : 3 Resolutions you CAN stick to!

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3 resolutions YOU can stick to that WILL make a difference!

1) Make your daily caffeine fix SKIM, and revise the added syrup and sugar!
Simply making the switch from a whole milk caramel latte, to a skim milk caramel latte can save you a whopping 130,300kJ, or about 3.5kg of excess energy, over a year.
Then by omitting the syrup, you save an additional 240, 000kJ, or about 6.5kg of excess energy! Easy decision?


Whole milk caramel latte

Skim milk caramel latte

Skim milk latte

Energy (kJ)




Fat (g)




Sugar (g)





2) Commit to a minimum of 5 serves of veggies a day!
One serve= 1 cup salad vegetables, or ½ cup cooked vegetables

This is EASY if you ensure all your meals are 50% salad/vegetables, AND if you snack on veggies!

  • Make meat and veg kebabs for dinner- capsicum, onion, mushroom, zucchini, cherry tomatoes taste divine threaded onto skewers and grilled with lean beef, chicken or lamb!
  • Corn on the cob makes a tasty afternoon treat!
  • A veggie platter of celery, carrot, capsicum, snow peas, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli crudités served with salsa, low fat tzatziki and hommous is a satisfying home greeting, or equally appealing alternative to a calorie laden cheese and bikkie platter!

Your bowels, energy levels and skin will thank you!

3) Drink a MINIMUM of 3 litres of plain water everyday!
We hear it all the time, yet many of us fail to meet this minimum.
Discover renewed energy levels, clearer skin, improved bowel habits and even perhaps a slimmer waist-line by achieving this minimum daily amount.

  • Adding fresh lemon and lime slices can make all the difference if you don’t like, or get sick of water
  • Do you currently have a water bottle and carry it with you? If not, this may be a good place to start
  • Consider investing in a water cooler for home. For around $130 a year you can have your own chilled and filtered water system. This is such a great way to get the whole family drinking more water. Kids love the novelty and it is a constant reminder to drink more water 🙂

Take the challenge and do all 3.

Let me know the changes you feel and see! 🙂


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