New Year 30 Day Challenge

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Are you wanting to harness the FRESH, NEW ENERGY of the NEW YEAR to create a healthier, happier, more fulfilled you?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

No diets! No plans! No deprivation…

Starting Monday 8th January, each day I will share some “tick off” tasks that will guide you to effortlessly implement my core FUNdamentals leading to more energy, clarity, happiness, health and yes, weight loss if required!

Not to mention clearer and more youthful skin, better bowel habits, less stress, a more optimistic outlook & support every step of the way!

The key to any plan working is professional guidance, accountability and implementation.

Too much information, too many changes and too much expectation often leads to inaction, overwhelm and yet another “failed” attempt to pursue your goals.

This challenge will involve zero pressure or guilt trips, just loads of inspiration, education & encouragement!

Many of you know that I was an overweight, unfit and bullied kid (see here if you don’t believe me!). None of this healthy lifestyle stuff came naturally to me. I was ADDICTED to donuts, fresh bread, pasta, lollies and anything sweet or bread/pastry-based! I HATED sport and was a committed book-worm, couch-potato.

I had to TEACH myself how to LOVE healthy habits. How to make healthy food YUM. How to ENJOY moving my body.

For me it was actually so much fun! I loved learning how to love this lifestyle! And after years of watching others struggle through endless diets, fads and programs, it became my passion to teach others how to do this the FUN and SUSTAINABLE way…

25 years later I’m still going strong, loving the lifestyle more than ever and many of my clients have also fallen in love with and adopted this way of living.

Ultimately it comes down to a handful of unsexy habits, repeated daily, or at least frequently.

And that’s what I want to show you, and walk you through.

I will be your daily coach reminding you of what to do to stay on track, to stay true to yourself, to FINALLY achieve those pesky health goals you’ve been wanting to reach for so, so long!

So! Are you ready??

Are you ready to FINALLY DO THIS? To have an EASY, EFFORTLESS and EFFECTIVE strategy for the health goals you want to tick off?

If so, REGISTER BELOW and choose your option!

  1. 30 Day Challenge
  2. 30 Day Challenge + 1 one:0n:one session
  3. 30 Day Challenge + 2 one:on:one sessions

Included in the challenge:

✔️Private Facebook group where daily tasks will be posted

-I will tell you exactly WHAT to do, WHY and HOW. No guessing. No feeling LOST. Just EASY, step by step guidance on implementing healthy lifestyle habits that will transform how you FEEL, and positively affect how you LOOK

✔️Extra resources for inspiration, information, ideas, education

-Recipes, videos, tutorials, websites, apps etc that you can use/access to help you make positive changes

✔️Access to me through the group to ask questions, seek encouragement/clarity

-It’s SO frustrating not being able to have your questions answered. No more feeling alone! I will be there to walk you through step by step and you will also have the support of others in the challenge 🙂

The extra one:on:ones will allow you to have a more personalised plan. My standard one:on:one consults are usually only available in 4 month programs and are $275 each, so this is an exclusive and economical opportunity to get that 1:1 advice. This will NOT be available after the challenge.

Regardless of the 1:1 support, you will get SO MUCH out of the standard challenge!

FEEL what is right for you. You will know!

Are you ready to do this!?!?


New Year Challenge

For as little as $1 a day you can be feeling CLEAR, INSPIRED, ENERGETIC, HAPPY and HEALTHY!

I CANNOT WAIT to share this journey with you!!

Lotsa love!


Dietitian~Eating Psychology Coach~Counsellor



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  • Ann-Marie McKinnon

    Ann-Marie McKinnon


    I just paid for the challenge 2 days late! Do I just wait to get on the facebook group now??


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