Mum’s Super Lunchbox Tip!

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On top of trying to get yourself organised to eat well and take healthy lunches to work, for many of us, there is also the mission of getting the kids organized for the week!

Sometimes it all seems too  much and we find ourselves looking for the most quick, convenient, pre-packaged options we can find- since then it is just a matter of “pluck and chuck”.

Given the state that the health of our kids is tracking along, we really need to address the lunchbox issue and some of us would do very well to revise a few options.

Working with one of my VIP Overhaul clients recently reminded me that my mum had a super way of ensuring our lunch boxes were healthy, as well as minimizing the time it took. After implementing this idea for a week, my client could not believe how much time it saved and how successful it was!


So what was Mum’s super tip? (thanks Mum!!)

  • Make all sandwiches for the week on a Sunday, wrap in cling wrap and freeze.
  • In the mornings you can simply “pluck (from the freezer) and chuck (in the lunchbox)”

DONT WORRY- they taste great! Fresh and delicious!

If the kids are old enough- and I’m sure I did this from the age of 5 (!!)- get them to participate or take control and do it themselves. It is a great way to encourage self-sufficiency, as well as take one task off your hands!

Some ideal and healthy ideas and combinations are:

Always use wholemeal or grainy bread (white bread is simply “Colon Clag” and not good for ANYONE)

  • Lean ham and mustard pickles or chutney
  • Tasty cheese and mustard pickles or chutney
  • Peanut butter
  • Vegemite and cheese
  • Lean turkey and cranberry sauce
  • Lean chicken and low fat mayonnaise

You may have more ideas to share, so please send them in if you do.

The extra bonus is that freezing these also enables sandwich fillings that would otherwise perhaps be “unsafe” to remain chilled long enough to make it to lunch time, still within the “safe temperature zone”! Bonus!

Always use an ice-brick in lunchboxes for added piece of mind.


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