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I have put together a unique and exclusive Love Is A Verb Self-Love DIY kit for you!

Personally, learning to love myself has been my greatest, and most rewarding challenge to date! 

Despite all my knowledge and practices and lifestyle habits regarding health, energy and wellness, it has been the surrender & learning journey involved in LOVING myself for REALS, that has really transformed my life and enabled me to naturally heal a number of physical ailments (from depression and anxiety, to PCOS, to adrenal fatigue & hormonal imbalances).

As a qualified Dietitian and Counsellor and Psychology of Eating Coach I work mainly with women to help them finally find ease and peace within themselves around the very same things I struggled with – weight, body image, self esteem, and yes self love!

I see over and over how addressing physical symptoms at merely a PHYSICAL LEVEL leads, at best, only to temporary reprieve…. It is only when we really go deep and REAL that we can access and address the CORE LEVEL of stress and disorder that is feeding and keeping alive an INNER DYNAMIC that is not synonymous with OUTER/PHYSICAL HARMONY…..

Whether it be Candida, Parasites, Weight-excess, Digestive Issues, Depression, Fatigue, Skin Complaints, etc etc, I have found that with persistent and recurring expressions, there is often a source of inner imbalance & perspective distortion to address, and once this is done, miraculous and magical transformations occur!

This is something I am hugely passionate about and  believe has unlimited potential to not only change the lives of individuals, but also the world at large…..

If we can spread Self-Love one person at a time, we are doing our part for the greater good 🙂

It would be my pleasure to share with you this exclusive Self-Love DIY Kit!

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