LIMITED OFFER : Nutrition Review – Am I Eating Right?

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I absolutely LOVE helping others discover a healthy way of eating that they love and that suits THEIR individual needs, lifestyle and preferences! 

As much as it might be frustrating for us to hear there is NO ONE RIGHT way to eat….

Every single person is different, with different histories, physiologies, belief systems and values.

If we want to FINALLY get off the diet roller-coaster, & make sense of all the conflicting information out there, we MUST honour these facts.

Over and over I see people who are confused, fed-up, frustrated, tired and who are desperately seeking answers and information that makes SENSE to them.

My greatest joy is seeing, or hearing, the relief, joy and EXCITEMENT in a person at the end of a consult.

It’s so inspiring, addictive, and incredibly rewarding for me knowing they now FOREVER AFTER have tools, awarenesses and insights that will guide them CONFIDENTLY into the future!

That is why I am making a crazy offer…

A limited number of 30 minute Nutrition Reviews for $30!  SOLD OUT

Yep, just $30!!!

If you know my regular fees you’ll know this is INSANE!

Furthermore it wont be 30 minutes of collecting information, asking questions and making assessments…

I will be doing PRE-WORK prior to our consult so that our time together is MEGA-IMPACTFUL and valuable.

You will leave the consult CLEAR on exactly where to focus…

Which foods, if any, to trial removing…

Which foods, if any, to trial adding…

What OTHER non-food factors may be important to consider…

What EXERCISE options and styles, if any, would be best for your current goals, physiology and lifestyle…

You will finally be able to answer the questions:

“Am I eating right?” and

“What SHOULD I be eating?”

You will have peace of mind knowing you are FINALLY on the right track!

If you have any queries, you can email me on [email protected]

Otherwise go ahead, snap up one of these VERY LIMITED consults and email me so we can GET STARTED! 🙂

No matter where you are in the world, we can do this 🙂

I absolutely CAN’T WAIT to connect with you!



“I have tried it all – juice fasts, weight watchers, quitting sugar, cutting unhealthy foods out of my diet, gyms etc etc… and none have given me the results that I have gotten by working with Bridget.

She has changed my whole perspective on how I see food and my relationship with food.

I needed a fresh approach, I needed results and I needed to change my mind-set about food, dieting, body image and self love.

When I started searching, I found Bridget.

My first phone call found me in tears as she brought to the surface how unhappy I was with myself and my body.

A sense of relief washed over me after my first phone call as I knew by digging a bit deeper into my weight issues I was going to get some answers I needed.

After each phone call with Bridget I found the onion layers unravelling, revealing to me why I was holding onto my excess weight and putting crappy foods into my body.

Bridget was there every step of the way, going above and beyond my expectations.

She gave me all the tools I needed to release the excess weight, start loving myself and establish a healthy relationship with food and eating.

I am on my way to getting to my ideal weight and I feel so confident that I will get there as the lessons Bridget has taught me have changed the way I think and behave.

If you are doing your research into working with Bridget, look no further.

What you will get is pure honesty, pure passion and pure results.

Bridget is someone who knows her stuff, she has been where you are now, has a tonne of passion for what she does and will turn you inside out to get to the reasons why you are having issues with excess weight, unhealthy lifestyle or poor body image.

-Amanda QLD”


I want to claim my LIMITED OFFER Nutrition Review!

Please tell me if I’m eating right & what I should be eating!

$137.50 30 SOLD OUT



I can’t WAIT to connect with you! 🙂


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