Introducing the NEW Jodie!

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jodie june before small


(Note: This is an older testimonial from a few years back 🙂 Fast forward to today and Miss Jodie now has TWO healthy, bounding, BEAUTIFUL bubba’s! When we met, children were really a WISH on the list that probably felt somewhat unreachable for Jodie, who at the time struggled simply to get through her day to day….

Immensely burdened with a history of chronic fatigue, Jodie just couldn’t imagine that another reality was possible….
I bet now she would never IMAGINE being back where she was! Her life has changed THAT much 🙂
She has taken to motherhood like a duck to water and has the HEALTH and HAPPINESS thing NAILED to a T!!!
I LOVE this success story and Im sure you will too 🙂
ENJOY and loadsa love xoox)

Some of you will remember and know a little bit about Miss Jodie and her journey. Well, let me just say….this girl has blown my mind in terms of the transformation she has gone through in 4 MONTHS!!! She has absolutely blossomed into the incredibly beautiful, talented, articulate and subtly confident girl she always was.

Jodie, working with you has been such a blessing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity and for you opening up so much to me and trusting me so implicitly!

I know we will stay in touch for ever and continue to share this journey called LIFE! Next……I can hear baby cries….. lol…

To all of you out there….I hope you can feel the truth in Jodie’s words and perhaps allow them to inspire you in some way!

Let me reintroduce you to the Incredible Jodie!

jodie march after small
AFTER (March 09)


Our sessions may have come to an end but I will never forget everything you have given me. Not only have you taught me the fundamentals of nutritious food, you have taught me how to use all this extra energy that I have as an outcome of eating well and put it towards the other facets of my life. I feel that I am a changed person for the better and that my life is heading in the right direction. I am happier, healthier, energized, committed, confident, and more importantly enjoying my new life.

Towards the end of our sessions I was starting to get scared that once our sessions ended, I would fall back into my rut. However, the knowledge I have acquired from Bridget will last me a lifetime and the idea of being able to pass on my knowledge to my children (when I have them) and build a happy and healthy home for them gives me much comfort.

I must say Bridget that I never imagined eating the right foods would be so enjoyable. I enjoy shopping for food more than clothes now, having a kitchen full of colourful fruit and veg looks amazing. I take photos of my dinners now just because they look so amazing I want to share them with others. It tastes just as good as it looks which is even better. I haven’t looked back or craved my old food either, my body has adapted to this food, which has assisted in me continuing with this healthy lifestyle more easily.

I am still taking baby steps towards my goals, and only this week I have been getting up an hour earlier every morning and not once (yet) have I not bounced out of bed with enthusiasm. I don’t make myself exercise either, I just get up and do something active, whether it be cleaning, washing, swimming, 1 hour on Wii Fit, or today I even went out and climbed up and down the Stairs from level 1 to level 8 about five times. Never thought I would, but I’ve felt better since I’ve started doing this. Don’t know how I’ll go in Winter, but that’s my next step….

I came to you Bridget, because I wanted to up my energy levels (as Icouldn’t lift myself up after having Chronic Fatigue), and to lose weight. Bridget you more than exceeded my expectations of you and for the lifetime knowledge you gave me, I thank you. You’re the best.”

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