Introducing Guest Contributor, Nicole Noodle

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I have known Nicole now for a number of years and her enthusiasm and flair for awesome food is nothing less than infectious! She has also become quite the food photographer! 🙂

Expect to see more contributions from her and be sure to send in your feedback 🙂

Over to Nicole…

A little bit about me… I love food! Real, fresh, good food! Sourcing it… cooking it… and most of all eating it!
I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where my mother was a fabulous cook… and a bit of a food snob! Almost everything we ate was homemade… from the jam on our toast to school lunch to the delicious cakes and slices that were afternoon tea… to the endless variety of tasty wholesome dinners. Mum grew most of our vegies and fruit in the backyard… something I probably didn’t appreciate enough at the time!
When I was little I loved helping out in the kitchen… especially if it meant I could lick the bowl! I feel so grateful to have learnt the basics of cooking and good nutrition at such a young age… thanks mum 🙂
Unfortunately somewhere in my early teens food went from being just a natural part of life… to being the enemy. I spent many years consuming far less wonderful real food… and far too much fake ‘factory’ made food. If it was low fat, sugar free, diet, slimming, calorie free(!) etc etc I would eat it. Or at times I would eat nothing at all. In the back of my mind I always new this wasn’t really living. But sadly it took a long time (and lots of ups and downs!) to come full circle back to where I am today.
Good nourishing real food is now a major part of my life again… and I’ve never felt better for it! Theres nothing I enjoy more than travelling from place to place… sampling local delicacies and discovering new taste sensations. I take great pleasure in eating and hope my recipes can encourage others to get back in the kitchen too. Shop for fresh goodies at your local market, buy free range meat and eggs if possible, bake something fabulous from scratch, plant some herbs on the window sill, get your hands dirty! But most of all… have fun 🙂

-Nicole Noodle

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