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“To know and not to do, is not yet to know”

To know and not to do

This is a zen quote I love. It just reinforces that often we think we know something, however, in reality we haven’t completely gotten it. When we truly LIVE something rather than just intellectualise it, only then do we KNOW it. Embodiment is the ultimate knowing.

I encourage my clients that forming a new habit- whether it be a new thought pattern, behaviour or action, requires nothing more than practice. We know the old saying, “practice makes perfect”.
This is the same for anything we are looking to change or improve in our life.

Do not give up and accept that you “can’t” do something or “can’t” think a certain way. Simply acknowledge that you WILL get there, you just need to practice- daily if necessary. And perhaps try many variations of the “same” thing.

And if you are one of those people that say..”I know what I should be eating”, or “I know what I should be doing”….this one is for you…. ūüėČ


Until next month!! xoxoxoxo


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