Inspiring Words of Wisdom – Choice

Written by Bridget on . Posted in Inspiration

“You have been given the greatest power in the world, the power to choose.” 

-Denis Waitley

This is an incredibly powerful statement and ABSOLUTELY the TRUTH…

Our power of choice is the foundation upon which my health (and life!) philosophy rests.

When you apply this concept to the achievement of your personal health goals, as well as your life in general, you discover how TRULY powerful you are!

Often we forget that we ALWAYS have a choice.

Although we may not choose certain circumstances, events, challenges or situations, our response to ANYTHING is always within our control.

Dying Professor Randy Pausch knew all to well that the cards we are dealt are certainly not always within our control, however, the way we play them is…

If you are in need of inspiration WATCH HIS LAST LECTURE 🙂 It WILL move you 🙂

Until next month!! xoxoxoxo


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