I’m running the 2014 New York Marathon…. Why…

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Me as a kid2This is me….

Not now… But back then…

I was the same person inside… Loving…Caring…Curious….Craving Connection….

Yet, due to my external appearance I felt ever so alone, isolated, marginalised, separate, ashamed, UGLY and I was DEFINITELY unfit….

I could not run for more than 10 seconds without feeling out of breathe…. I would never EVER dream of wearing bathers in public….. T-shirt, boardies was standard…. Hiding my body at all costs was the priority…. My legs rubbed together, my school dress was tight around my arms…. I felt SO uncomfortable…. SO awkward…

That is why I NEVER EVER take for granted the health and fitness I have found… That is also why I ever so 100% relate to what it takes to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD….

To start from a place of utter “un-fitness”…. To have the experience of being on the exercise bike for JUST 2 minutes and yet feel like I was going to DIE…..

THAT is why I am running this marathon…. Because I CAN…. Because I LOVE and APPRECIATE the blessing that is being able to MOVE….to be FIT… To have ENERGY… To FEEL AMAZING 🙂

Because I LOVE NEW YORK….. going there was a CHILDHOOD dream… And there I found myself last year…. NEVER did I imagine I’d be going back again so soon 🙂 But DAMN it feels right!! 🙂

And the Heart Foundation feel I am a great ambassador to represent their charitable organisation 🙂

I have thus been granted one of 25 places to run this iconic event on their behalf 🙂 To raise funds for a VERY important cause…. The Heart Foundation have done so much to progress our understanding, management, treatment, prevention and awareness of the NUMBER ONE killer here in Australia, Heart Disease….

I am ALL FOR a preventative approach… .I pride myself on being an ambassador for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE… A way of life that honours our health 🙂

Because without our health, we cannot enjoy anything else…

I also believe in leading by example in the arena of following your dreams, of living a life that is true for you 🙂

It can seem a daunting path to set upon the journey of changing your life….

And I want to be someone who can show you how… Who can offer possibilities and options of what might work for you 🙂

So you don’t have to do it alone, and so you too can live your BEST life 🙂

So will you join with me? Will you make 2014 the year you turn it all around? The year you choose HEALTH, HAPPINESS and FULFILMENT…? The year you do something you NEVER dreamed possible?

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Have a wonderful day and today, make a start…. 🙂 However small 🙂


All my love,

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