I used to eat 3 doughnuts a day…

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ARGH! So I just wrote this really RAW and REAL post about my humble health journey beginnings and I LOST it all in the click of a mouse AS I was about to publish it!

SO all I can take from that is, it wasn’t meant to be…

And this time I’m going to be really QUICK and to the point!

Yes… I used to eat 3 doughnuts a day…

The present day carrot-munching, green-vegie loving, movement enthusiast that “sits before you” once thought nothing of devouring one doughnut after another, after another….

Me as a kid2

I LOVED all the “wrong foods”, the ones that gave me instant comfort, pleasure, escape and joy…

Growing up poor, “yummy food” was rare and a treat… Vegies, fruit, homemade and healthy meals and snacks were all we knew…

One day mum got a job with a mobile lunch van company and suddenly there was a bounty of deliciousness accompanying her home each and every day!

Imagine… Choc-coated, jam-filled doughnuts…Custard filled doughnuts… Sticky, sweet pineapple glazed doughnuts…Long jam and cream filled doughnuts… Hollow strawberry iced doughnuts… And OH MY the vanilla slices…. REAL CUSTARD and CREAM filled ones with flaky pastry and FRESH as sticky, delicious icing….

Honestly, it was my UTOPIA….

Buffets, banquets, all-you-can-eat style restaurants…. these were my heaven…

I had (and still have) a voracious and insatiable appetite… I LOVE food and LIVE TO EAT!

All that has changed from that time of me being overweight, unfit and incredibly unhappy is the TYPE of food I enjoy…. AND how I nourish myself beyond food 🙂

One day, after spending many years in my room CRYING and HATING myself, I decided I would change my life…. I would NOT go to high school and be picked on… I WOULD be able to wear jeans and bathers like my friends… I would no longer have to hide under boardies and tshirts, or hang back and WATCH as everyone else enjoyed and got into LIFE… I would say GOODBYE to my wardrobe of leggings (they were the only things that fitted me!) and finally wear all the things I dreamed of wearing…

AND I would do it the SMART way….

I was NOT interested in starving or struggling or going without… I was also not interested in sweating and spewing my guts out…

I wanted to change my life FOR GOOD and I wanted to enjoy food….

And so began the journey of my life time….

And today it continues….

I SO LOVE the path I have discovered and my passion and pleasure is to show others how to discover this way too… The NON-dieting way to the body, energy and life of their dreams….

The way that is right for THEM…. Their unique path….

There is NO need to follow plans, programs or to pop pills, potions, supplements or shakes…. There IS a way that is totally FUN, EFFORTLESS, ENJOYABLE and REWARDING….

You CAN be the healthier, fitter, happier YOU that you visualise…. that you crave… that you desire….

You don’t have to struggle or suffer….In fact these are sure fire signs that you WILL FAIL…

As I stood in the kitchen the other day and thought, “MAN I LOVE GREEN VEGIES!!!”, it hit me that once upon a time I used to eat, and LOVE, 3 doughnuts a day….

Change IS possible…. Where you are is PERFECT….

Life NEVER EVER presents the perfect time to embark upon a lifestyle shift… There are always going to be bumps, hurdles, obstacles and challenges….

And truly, that IS perfect!! The more REAL your life is when you begin this journey, the more likely it is you WILL MAINTAIN the changes you make!

And before you know it, you too will be LOVING and LIVING the healthy, fit, energetic and SATISFYING life you currently day-dream of….

Trust me…. I’ve been there… .And I’ve coached, counselled, inspired and guided THOUSANDS of others to do the same…

YOU CAN CHANGE…. You CAN become the best YOU possible….

Don’t hold yourself back one more moment…. Write a new story…. Create a life you love….

I am here to help you every step of the way, shall you feel you would like that kind of support 🙂

Tailoring a step by step pathway to your ideal health destination is my expertise 🙂

There is no one RIGHT way and my desire is simply to catalyse the connection to your own INNER health expert; your own inner nutritionist, personal trainer, coach and healer 🙂

After working with me you WILL own your health and happiness 🙂 You WILL understand your body, your mind, your emotions and needs 🙂 You WILL be your own best friend and you WILL feel confident in maintaining this lifestyle forever after 🙂

Email me on [email protected] to arrange a complimentary Appraisal, if this is something that appeals to you 🙂



All my love,

Food Body Lifestyle Guru
(Guru means to “lead by example” which I pride myself on)

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