How to make “yucky” veggies, YUMMY!

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I’m not sure about you, but as a kid I HATED Brussels Sprouts! No matter how many times or ways my mum told me they were good for me, I was just NOT interested! To me they tasted like VOMIT and I TOTALLY resented these mini cabbage balls with all my might!

Fast forward to today and the situation could not be more different! I freakin LUUUURVE these little bundles of goodness and I’m not fussy at all about how I have them either!

I like them raw, steamed, sautéed, braised, roasted, thoroughly cooked through in stock….! ANY way… (as long as they’re in season and made with CLEAN, WHOLE, NUTRITIOUS ingredients! Fresh is best!)

Lately my love for these gems has gotten a little obsessive….. I’m craving them almost everyday!  (anyone else!??!)

It got me thinking…. These vegetables really ARE so good for you, it’s such a SHAME that so many people miss out on the health benefits they offer because of their “perceived taste” or their “scarring childhood memories”! 

Did you know that brussels sprouts are LOADED with fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin K – think healthy blood and healthy immune system- they’re also a very good source of B vitamins – folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B 1- plus minerals – choline, copper, potassium, phosphorus- as well as omega-3 fatty acids! And that’s just the extreme digest!

So today I’d love to share with you a NUMBER of ways to enjoy brussels sprouts, that YOU and EVERYONE in your house will LOVE!

I’m a MASSIVE Jamie Oliver fan, so a few of the recipes are his (thanks Mr Oliver!), but there are others too 🙂

I just thought a little collection of recipes would be helpful for you. Each one of these is a GOOD, CLEAN, WHOLE FOOD based recipe that you can feel TOTALLY AWESOME about cooking and eating!

I hope you love them and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, feedback and experiences 🙂

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