How to have your Cake/Carbonara/CARBS and eat them too!

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This post was inspired by one of my lifelong besties who last week sent me a piccy of her gorgeous, home made and traditional carbonara…..

It looked and sounded SUPER yummy and was so SIMPLE in its ingredients…

I immediately thought how much Tim (my partner) would LOVE this and how I could “adjust” it to be slightly MORE healthy….

It already has a good base- all ingredients are WHOLE FOODS and basically nutritious…. It just needs some veggies added!

(see the recipe here )


It made me realise that THIS is one of the KEY features of the lifestyle I teach and share with my clients….


No classification or judgement of “GOOD” foods and “BAD” foods…

Everything is ok, everything is allowed….

We TRUST our bodies to guide us on what is NOURISHING for us and sometimes that WILL be food that many “out there” deem “bad” or OFF limits food….

It’s how I successfully transformed my life over 24 years ago AND maintained it…

I remember being at that transition stage where I TRULY wanted to be healthier, have more energy, fit into the clothes my friends could AND I wanted to still ENJOY my food and ALL my favourite dishes and snacks 🙂

Pasta, muffins, bread were amongst my MOST FAVOURITE FOODS….

If I had’ve cut them out, my “healthy lifestyle” aspiration would’ve been a 5 minute wonder!!

Instead I learned HOW to integrate them in a way that would give me EVERYTHING I wanted!

Instead of gorging on a man-sized bowl of bolognaise, carbonara or macaroni tuna, I learned to serve these meals WITH a side salad or a serve of steamed veggies…..

I slightly decreased the portion of the pasta component and added nutrient-rich and lower-calorie veggies and salad.

Have you heard of the “plate model”??

In a nutshell it’s a way of eating in which you aim to make 50% of what you’re eating- or “half of your plate”- veggies or salad.

It means that you can eat ALL your fave foods and dishes, yet in the proportions that will enable you to shift any excess kilos as well as MAXIMISING your energy, improving your digestion and optimising gut health….

When people adopt this way of eating they report less bloating too!

If you would like a visual representation of this model, simply email me on [email protected] with the subject “Plate Model” and I will send you a PDF 🙂

I applied this way of thinking to ALL of my food choices.

I let myself eat and enjoy EVERYTHING that excited me, yet I just kept in mind the proportions of things I was eating & aimed to make them increasingly healthier….

I adjusted my muffin recipes to make them slowly but surely more healthy…

For example, I switched white flour for WHOLEMEAL flour; I reduced butter/oil/marg, and added yoghurt; I reduced sugar and added natural apple sauce and fruit; I added fibre and protein and good fats by adding NUTS…. etc etc!

It just takes a little creativity and playing and you can “healthify” almost ANY food you desire!!

And please remember this doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING you eat needs to be “healthified”….

Just the foods you eat on a regular or daily basis…. The things that make up 80% of your diet say….

If you can make these choices as healthy as possible, or gradually more healthy (as I did), then it becomes an ENJOYABLE lifestyle in which you FEEL AMAZING and therefore its a NO BRAINER to continue these healthy habits and thus lifestyle- FOREVER AFTER!

It’s NOT hard, it DOESN’T require WILLPOWER and it’s REWARDING in and of itself 🙂

SO this is one of the MAJOR SECRETS and STRATEGIES for making a healthy lifestyle your FOREVER AFTER “reality”!

It worked for me, it works for my clients and it WILL work for you too IF you choose to implement it CONSISTENTLY 🙂

I’d LOVE to hear from you !

Did this idea help? Inspire? Give you ideas on how you can adjust current habits to create more ENERGY, WELL-BEING, weight loss??

Comment below or email me on [email protected]

It’s always a thrill to hear from you!!


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