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So we all know that gut health is an increasingly important issue for overall health, in particular mental health!

The thing is, much of what is encouraged, promoted and marketed as “good gut health” food or products, are not necessarily good for everyone….

As an example, I am NOT able to have any slow cooked or fermented foods, much to my heartbreak, as I react to them ūüôĀ

So most of what is encouraged for good gut health is OFF the table for me!

I know many others who are in the same boat!

A good quality probiotic is almost a necessity these days and I take one daily…

However, do you know much about PRE-BIOTICS??

These are almost more important!

Together though they are a powerful combo and I cannot tell you HOW DAMN EXCITED I am that one of my very clever talented and SUPER QUALIFIED colleagues has now brought out a VERY INCREDIBLE product that I KNOW will change many lives!!!

Let me introduce to you, UPLIFT!!!

She has created many yummy recipes in which to use this wonderful supplement so you will not only be ingesting something INCREDIBLY good for your health, but it will also TASTE AMAZING!!

And if you know me, Im ALLLLL about making it FUN and YUM!!

Anywho, go check it out and let me know if you do try it!!

MWAH! ox


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