EXCITED Elizabeth!

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“Thank-you! It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to spend time with you. You are truly an amazing woman who I admire greatly. When I first came to you I wanted to make changes that the whole family could take on in order to improve our lives(in the food department!) I wanted increased energy & vitality.

Well what I got was a few chats aboutfood and a whole lot of “mind strengthening”. Food wasn’t my passion (hence the reason I went to see you ha ha ) I COULD live without(well I thought I could), & it didn’t drive me. What I have learnt from you is that without it I am empty, lethargic & really, really hungry 🙂

I have changed my diet & nowlook at food very differently & if I don’t eat, my body lets me know that it isn’t happy! By the way I am totally addicted to sweet chilli & lime Salmon tins & yes that is from a “determined not to eat salmon person” !! It is so funny 🙂
I must admit though it has been the “mind strengthening” that I have truly loved & hung onto your every word. When I leave you after my visits I am so pumped that I can conquer anything I want to.The 2 hour drive home was time to reflect on all you had said & how I was going to action it!

You gave me or rather “found” my courage & self confidenceand dusted it off & said “here it is, now go & use it!” So during our time I have looked at what I really want to do with my life, what I love & am totally passionate about &what is stopping me from doing it …..AND now I have applied to go to Uni to do my Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery !!!!!!

THANK YOU BRIDGET! Only my fears had been stopping me. I stopped believing in myself & my dreams along time ago and now I have awoken them, it feels great! I have such an excitement going through me & I am just itching to get going 🙂

When I stopped my attitude changed & I got “lost& felt down” but once you get me back on track, my positiveness always come back.

That’s the great thing about you,you are always available & quickly make a negative-positive!

My relationship with my kids has changed & we have fun more often these days & I actually”feel” myself in the moment. That makes me smileand the kids love it 🙂

I have made heaps of loving changes to our family & the food changes “just happened” along the way…incredible! When you feel happy within yourself you automatically want to start eating good food & look after your body.

You have such simple ideas that I can’t say “I can’t do it” because they are so easy to do & make life simpler!
Well “My Beautiful Friend” it has been an absolute pleasure & I wish you every happiness. I’m sure we will stay in contact over time and I look forward to reading your book! I will keep you posted on my journey as a midwife too 🙂
Big Hugs,
Elizabeth XXX”

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