An ESSENTIAL strategy for Optimal Energy, Health, Happiness and Weight Loss success

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Essential Strategy for Optimal Energy, Health, Happiness and Weight Loss

Today I am going to share with you a piece of VIP content that I usually ONLY share with my Love the Lifestyle Coaching Clients and Glow Academy students…..

One of my KEY FUNdamentals (TM) that is an integral component of the Healthy Lifestyle FOUNDATION I build with those who work with me 1:1.


Because I HONESTLY get joy & fulfilment from seeing and hearing as many people as possible FEEL and LOOK the way they LOVE to LOOK and FEEL….

Energetic! Excited! Connected. ALIVE and positive.

Many people come to me because they are truly lost….

With themselves. With life. With health, fitness, happiness and their weight.

They are looking for answers….They are truly doing their best to find out and discover just what it is they need to do to FEEL BETTER; to finally LOSE the weight they’ve been battling with forever; to regain their energy, spark and passion for life; to be able to feel happy and confident within themselves….

Can you relate?

And the EXCITING thing for me is that I’ve now been LIVING and TEACHING a way of life that is EASY, SUSTAINABLE, FUN and EFFORTLESS for over 23 years and Im MORE confident than ever in it’s effectiveness and longevity….

I truly want EVERYONE to feel the FREEDOM, JOY and PEACE of this way of living….

As you may or may not know, I have not always enjoyed such glowing health, energy or positivity…

In fact, I was once the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of how I am now….

Overweight; depressed; ashamed; addicted to food and sugar; a couch potato…

Me as a kid

I HATED sport and being active!

Food was my COMFORT, my JOY, my FRIEND and my ESCAPE….

I was MISERABLE though….

I felt disconnected from LIFE and others and as though I was watching everyone else effortlessly and joyously LIVE and BE IN life….

There I was on the sidelines, just watching & WISHING to be part of it, but not knowing HOW….

My body and fitness felt like a barrier between me and them…..

So all the way back then I made a DECISION that would FOREVER change my life and lead me to where, and who, I am today….

I was CLEAR that I would LEARN how to be healthy, and how to LOVE the food that would create this health for me….

I was CLEAR that this would be a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE…. (I NEVER wanted to feel this way again!….)

I was CLEAR that I would NOT starve, I would NOT purge, I would NOT sweat my butt off and I would in fact find a pathway that was FUN and ENJOYABLE…

I was determined to “out smart” the “system” and find a way in which I could “have my cake and eat it too”!

I wanted it ALL 🙂 Not half of the picture…

And I didn’t want to suffer to have it! Some very intelligent part of me knew that I didn’t have to either, that there WAS another way 🙂

And yes I FOUND IT!

I found the OTHER way! And ever since I have COMMITTED my life to sharing this with others….

To leading by example and showing them how they too can find a way that is FUN, EASY and EFFORTLESS…

It’s not complicated… It’s not ALL CONSUMING…..It’s not UNSUSTAINABLE….

Nope! Its the most simple and enjoyable lifestyle you could imagine and the exciting thing is, once you find your groove with it, you become addicted to FEELING GOOD and then its just a no brainer to keep on the pathway!

So today I want to share with you one of the KEY FUNdamentals (TM) of this Forever-after Healthy Lifestyle, which if you COMMIT to with CONSISTENCY, WILL create MAJOR shifts for you…

Don’t be fooled by seductive and “complicated” formulas, programs and promises…

Good health really is very simple…

I teach my clients a FOUNDATION of just FOUR FUNdamentals…

Yes there are more pieces of the puzzle and YES the way these FUNdamentals are implemented and achieved is COMPLETELY UNIQUE for EACH individual (a key feature of my VIP Love the Lifestyle Coaching Program is that there are NO generic/pre-determined guidelines…. EVERY SINGLE step and piece is uniquely crafted for EACH client….)

HOWEVER, after ALL the years of working with literally THOUSANDS of clients, it became clear to me that there were four KEY PIECES of the puzzle, that when implemented with consistency and an approach of “continuous improvement”, worked for EVERYONE, no matter what they were coming to me for…

More energy, weight loss, stress management, food intolerances, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin issues, general health and well being….!

I have been teaching these ever since and without a doubt THEY WORK 🙂

The one I’m sharing with you today is my SECOND FUNdamental….


Yes, water!!

Before you dismiss this as WAY too simple to be true, please hear me out…

Physiologically we are anywhere from 55-75% water…

Everything that happens in our bodies happens in a FLUID environment.

If we’re not drinking enough water, everything becomes sluggish and compromised.

We feel lethargic and “clogged up”…

Our digestion can be off….

We can feel stressed and moody and foggy (yep! hydration IS a factor in this!)

Our bodies are not able to efficiently and effectively process and eliminate wastes and toxins and impurities….

We LOOK aged and damaged and “dry”…..

Yes, literally EVERYTHING that is important for HEALTH, ENERGY, HAPPINESS and WEIGHT LOSS is compromised by NOT drinking enough water…

Over the years I have witnessed, and personally experienced, the MAGIC of drinking enough water… 

I can instantly tell from looking at my clients if they are drinking enough or not.

They too realise just how much of a difference this ONE HABIT makes, and over time, I train them to be water-drinking junkies! 🙂

It’s a LIFETIME habit that is good for EVERYONE (unless you have chronic kidney disease!)

So no matter who you are, or what your health goals are, I URGE you to consider implementing this ONE KEY change CONSISTENTLY…

Work towards at least 3 litres a day. 

Not all at once, and not overnight…!

Allow your body time to adjust (yes your bladder will become better at holding more water too!)

The first step is working out how much you currently drink?

Then work on consistently adding 250-500ml. Then once this is your new baseline, add another 250-500ml 🙂

Rinse and repeat until you are CONSISTENTLY taking in 3 litres a day.

No, caffeinated beverages do not count.

Aside from purely HERBAL teas (think peppermint, camomile, rooibos) nothing counts towards this 3 litre water goal except WATER 🙂

Ok, well you CAN add fresh lemon and even powdered stevia if you must!

I recommend to all my clients that they purchase a dedicated STAINLESS STEEL water bottle so that no matter where they are, they have water on hand. Ideally a 1 litre one is best, however 750ml will do.

You will also save yourself any nasty chemicals that can leach from PLASTIC water bottles (NOT good for our hormones ladies!)

Do what you need to do to REMIND and ENCOURAGE yourself to be getting your water in…

Some clients pop sticky notes around the place- even in their cars…

Others set reminders on their phones….

Yet others put gorgeously decorated (with mint, fruit slices, ginger, etc) water jugs in their fridge or on their bench….

Whatever you do, just COMMIT to it….

I SWEAR to you it WILL change your life!! (and weight and skin and health and energy and happiness!)

And if you have any questions, struggles or additions, please email me on [email protected] or comment below, I LOVE to hear from you! 

For now though, TELL ME…

How much water are you currently drinking?? What barrier/s, if any, do you have to reaching and MAINTAINING this 3 litre a day goal? 

What are your current health/energy/weight/happiness goals??

Comment below ! I want to hear from you! 🙂 

Until next time, enjoy the LIFE CHANGING MAGIC of WATER!! 🙂

Oh! And if you want to know about the water filtration system that I personally use and LOVE that has made me a total water quality snob, then do email me on [email protected] and I’ll tell you all about it! It’s gorgeously beautiful! 

All my love,


Health and Happiness Coach
Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach
Founder of New Leaf Nutrition and The Glow Project

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