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I have created this book to be a catalyst for the change within that takes you from feeling all sorts of wrong, to finally feeling at home within yourself.

To finally being your own best friend.

To really learning how to be kind, compassionate, understanding, accepting, patient, supportive, encouraging, forgiving and unconditionally loving towards yourself.

THIS is the most important and, for some of us, the most difficult journey to master.

Without this solid foundation of ENOUGH-ness, we find ourselves forever circling around the same old patterns, beliefs, fears, distractions, addictions and cycles of on-off, on-off, good-bad, right-wrong.

It’s time to finally say ENOUGH and to know that the true freedom, confidence, health, energy and happiness you crave IS just a choice and mind-set shift away.

It’s no where out there, and actually right here, now, within.

When we really commit to ourselves and to being our own best friend, everything shifts.

We are taught in society that having what we want requires discipline, sacrifice, hard work and relentless hustling. But the truth is that being aligned and expressing our true selves is the catalyst for flowing into our greatest life, happiness, health, body, relationship/s, success and so much more.

Much of what I’ve said thus far might seem cliche, but I swear to you that these truths I know with every cell of my being.

Decades of professional observation, personal experience and endless research, reading, learning, exploring, questioning, coaching and mentoring has landed me here.

And I hope to save you the decades of struggling and searching.

I really want you to know, feel and embody ENOUGH by the time you finish this book.

I want you to BE at peace.

To live your BEST, HAPPIEST and HEALTHIEST life NOW.

I don’t want you to waste your precious life struggling, searching, feeling incomplete and broken.

I don’t want you to jump from diet to diet; program to program; bright shiny object to bright shiny object.

Its time to say:

ENOUGH to dieting

ENOUGH to self-hate

ENOUGH to hating your body

ENOUGH to struggling

ENOUGH to stressing

ENOUGH to trying to do it someone else’s way

ENOUGH to not feeling ENOUGH!



Are you ready to FEEL, KNOW and LIVE this?

Are you ready to embark upon a life of greater and always increasing ease, joy and flow?

I’m SO ready to share this with you!


****YES! I want it now! ****

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