Crispy, Delicious, Nourishing Chicken Drumsticks

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So you might have guessed that right now I’m obsessed with SIMPLE, EASY, DELICIOUS meals and cooking foods that are as CLOSE to nature as possible.

Minimal condiments. Minimal processing.

Just delicious food in it’s most natural form.

Eating this way has had SO many benefits in our household.

Simplicity (= less stress!)

Savings (= cheaper!)

Satisfaction ! (=YUMMMMMMM!)

Without a doubt, this way of eating is cheaper, easier, healthier, WAY more YUMMY and such a BREEZE to “stick to”…!

And this week I have a FABULOUS Lunchbox hack for YOU, hubby/wifey, kidlets and anyone else you choose to feed 🙂

It’s the process/habit of BATCHING on the weekend OR whenever it is that you DO get in the kitchen to cook 🙂

Why not do it in bulk and prep some things ahead so you are organised for the week and lunches are sorted!

This baby is one we LOVE in our household and it’s such a NO-brainer, hands-off “recipe”


Crispy, Delicious, Nourishing Chicken Drumsticks


Ingredients :

-your choice quantity of free-range chicken drumsticks

-extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) – Organic is best

-himalayan sea salt (HSS)

-dried/fresh herbs (I use rosemary and thyme)

-your choice of veggies to roast (we like sweet potato, carrot and potato) – I leave the skin on all, give a scrub and chop in roughly equal portions

-your choice of greens to steam


-line as many baking trays as you need with baking paper (this makes cleaning a breeze!)

-place drumsticks scattered with roasting veggies on each tray

-drizzle all with EVOO

-sprinkle over HSS, thyme and rosemary

-give it lots of love

-place in a pre-heated oven for appropriate time. If wanting to SLOW roast, 2-3 hours on 130/140 degrees Celsius is the way to go. Otherwise, regular roasting temps and times are your friend (180-220 degrees Celsius for approx 1.5hrs)

-when done, steam your greens of choice as per your most preferred method

-When the chicken and veggies are cooked, allow them to cool JUST slightly. Get out as many containers as you would like to make “lunches”. (We do 4-5 at a time). Portion out the chicken, roast veggies and steamed veggies into your containers, then pop in the fridge!

BAM! Your DELICIOUS lunches are done!

***Be sure to always practice Food Safety and keep your food at safe temperatures. If re-heating, reheat to recommended temperatures. Check here for information and guidance (We use insulated lunch boxes with ice bricks and eat our roast lunches COLD- we love it like that!)


I hope you enjoy this one and be sure to send feedback, questions & so on to [email protected]

Big Love,


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Accredited Practicing Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach



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