Chilli N Lime Barra

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This right here is one of my most favourite “signature” dishes! As you will see in this week’s Webisode on Meal Prepping I eat meals of this nature A LOT! They are quick, simple, SUPER delicious and never get boring as the combination of flavours, textures and colours is literally limitless!

I don’t always use the salad and vegie ingredients listed below. I go with what is in season, available and also what my body is telling me it needs. By changing up the vegies, the herbs, the dressing and even the methods of prep (ie raw Vs steamed Vs roasted Vs BBQ’d etc etc) you can make something new and exciting every time!

This one would be delicious with coconut oil roasted sweet potato wedges & healthy coleslaw, or cannellini bean mash & blanched broccolini & green beans! NOMNOM

You are the creative genius when it comes to making your food come alive and your taste buds sing! 🙂

Have fun in the process and be sure to let me know what you think of this one 🙂 [email protected]



-Salad greens of choice (I used farmers market fresh organic rocket and kale), roughly chopped
-Rainbow mix (supermarket mix of raw shredded broccoli stem, beetroot, carrot)
-Fresh, raw fennel, finely sliced
-Fresh, raw zucchini, julienne peeled
-Raw, finely chopped red onion
-Snow pea sprouts, roughly chopped
-Diced tomato
-Fresh, raw red capsicum, diced or chopped
-roughly chopped leaves of vietnamese mint (or other fresh herb of choice)
-Market fresh, local avocado
-Market fresh, local olives
-Wild caught barramundi fillets
-Fresh lime juice
-Mexican chilli powder


-Pre-heat a baking paper-lined fry pan to med-high heat
-Once pan is heated, add barramundi fillets.
-Cover with lime juice and sprinkle over mexican chilli powder
-Cook on one side until well done, then turn over and repeat on other side.
– Whilst barramundi is cooking, compile salad ingredients in a large salad bowl, match quantities of each ingredient to number of serves.
-Arrange raw salad on plates.
-When barramundi is cooked, serve atop salad.
-Add slices of avocado
-Finish with olives
-Add dressing of choice (I love balsamic, lime & some hempseed or flaxseed oil)




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    Sherry Faure


    Will definitely be trying this one!!!
    Love any new recipes especially healthy ones!!! Thank youuuu


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